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Some sweet bloggers and friends told me that my skin glows and ask “what do you do?” Fact is, I never had skin problems, thank Heaven, and I do keep updated with the latest products. My favorite drink is water and I sleep well!

So here are some novelties from Dec 2013 and one of my beauty “counters”. I have some others around the house, but these are the products I wear most:

Some of the products  I use

Some of the products I use

Detailed picture - I like Chanel and Dior very much, but also Creme de la Mer, Guerlain, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Nars, Benefit... and more :)

Detailed pic- I like Chanel and Dior very much, but also Creme de la Mer, Guerlain, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Nars, Benefit, Sephora, Smashbox

Isn't my mobile cute? :) Very good eye shadows

Isn’t my mobile cute? :) Very good eye shadows

The result" Headband, Burberry, earrings my design, ring bought in Prag, watch, Folli Follie in Dec 2013, sweater, Lyttu's

The result! Headband, Burberry, earrings my design, granate ring bought in Prag, watch, Folli Follie from Dec 2013, sweater, Lyttu’s


Watch and ring. I like big watches

Sweater/jumper, bought in Brazil

Sweater/jumper, bought in Brazil. The collar is attached

Plus this Christmas present

A great Christmas present

Really so sweet!

Really so sweet!

Dec 2013 cosmetic shopping - Carolina Herrera, Givenchy and Victoria's secrets perfumes, Origin tonic water, Bobbi Brown powder, Dior lipgloss, YSL foundation, Bourjois eye shadows, so on, so on

Dec 2013 beauty shopping – Carolina Herrera, Givenchy and Victoria’s secret perfumes, Origins skin toner, Bobbi Brown powder, Dior lipgloss, YSL foundation and serum, Bourjois eye shadows and…

Versace perfume, La Prairie serum and more

Versace perfume, La Prairie serum, Benefit concealer and more

As I said, I sleep well. I don’t eat meat. I drink loads of water.  My beauty steps depend on the day, I am always experimenting and changing things!

Source here

By Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. Source here

I hope it was not too boring! I know most of the bloggers don’t read post’s texts, so the pictures speak for themselves. According to my mother “I’m too vain”. Some other people say so too. I did buy some products in January and will do so in February and so on. If I indulge myself? Always. I suffered irreplaceable losses recently and now I pamper myself even more. Well deserved.

Source here

Source here

In my defense, I just don’t treat skin only, but my brain too. I have studied very much and I love documentaries, books and museums. And I try to keep a kind heart too. What’s the use of good products if someone is nasty, I think.

Source here

Source here

I hope you all have a great week with many smiles!!!!

Thank you for visiting me, your comments really make my day!


49 thoughts on “Beauty products

  1. You have loads of cosmetics 😀 ! And your skin really glows! 😀 My skin used to be shit due to allergies, but now it’s okay due to treatments, just a bit dry… so I use natural moisturizing creams & Nivea creme 😉 . And so agreed, there’s no use for great look if the personality is mean !
    Have a great day ^^

  2. Your skin does look flawless the brands you use are great products that also help a little to use items that are worth it but most important its water and sleep–cool makeup gift like that it had compartment as drawers. Enjoy reading the quotes. Have a great week doll.

  3. I agree! But you’re the sweetest person I know, and you definitely deserve everything you buy. You’ve been through so much, and you deserve everything if it makes you feel better! You have so many nice brands. I don’t pay much attention to my cosmetics, but I do like to pay attention to my clothes and accessories. But you’re always really elegant, and your skin indeed glows, but that’s not only because of the products you use, but because you’re so kind at heart, that your skin and smile reflects that! :*

  4. Loved this post Denise, its always so interesting finding out what products other bloggers you and you have amazing skin so its great to know how you achieve it. Thats a fantastic collection of beauty products, really impressive, I haven’t tried most brands. The Givenchy set is so cute! Love that pretend sweater as well. I was away at the coast for a few days and I don’t like blogging while Im on vacation, its a time to unwind so I stay free from technology. I am always grateful for your kind comments…Have a great week ahead!

  5. well, that was FAR from boring. very very far away 😉 I loved it! but unfortunately you’re right about the fact that many bloggers don’t read the text. it’s sad I think because when others work hard and write something then you should at least try to read it. maybe that’s just my way of thinking but that’s the way I see it.
    anyway, your beauty products. my gosh, you own SO many of those, hehe. my collection is definitely smaller and since I own many products that are old then I should look through everything and throw away the ones that are not suitable anymore. what I use daily? mascara, night facial cream, eye cream, concealer, hand cream, body lotion/cream, lip balm, foot cream.. okay, that’s a lot of things, hahaha! sometimes I’m of course too lazy to use anything but when I’m not lazy I use those :)

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  6. I adore your beauty products, they are all lovely and nice choices too. I agree you do have a lovely complexion. I wish I can do good make up and maybe I will have collected more and more loads too, lol. I really appreciate your kind words and sweet thoughts on my blog. It is actually rare to find some bloggers you are visiting just to visit and leave a comment that you know are too generic. But I don’t complain the visit from those bloggers because they made an effort to visit. They might be too few with words.


  7. Wow look at all those cosmetics! You do a beautiful job putting your makeup on. It looks so natural! I am also a makeup junkie especially lipstick! Also loving your watch and the details on your sweater. Talk to you soon dear. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. I think I’ve said before that you have lovely, glowy skin. Mine isn’t too bad but since going self employed I’ve had more spots because I’m usually up working until 2am and then I have around 5 hours sleep before getting up to prepare Stacey’s school lunch and stuff. Hopefully when we move into our new house we can get a 2nd laptop and then I can work at the same time as other people are browsing the web and get more sleep :)

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  9. Qué lindos todos tus cosméticos!!! Tienes muchos!!! me encantaría verlos en persona y poder probarlos también. Sin duda usando cosas de buena calidad puedes mantenerte linda y luciendo una piel bien cuidada. La persona que te hizo ese regalo de Givenchy tiene muy buen gusto y seguro te conoce muy bien! 😉

  10. Thanks for letting me know the date, I am terribly forgetful if I don’t write things down. Something last year made me realize that we really need to live in the present…focusing on the past won’t help building the future. Have an enjoyable weekend dear

  11. You do have gorgeous silky skin from what I can see and you have some amazing products. I don’t wear much make up, mainly because I don’t really know how to apply it but I do use products from the Elemis range for cleansing, toning and moisturising. But most of all, like you say the biggest help to my skin is lots of water and sleep!
    Have a lovely weekend x

  12. Wow you truly do have gorgeous skin, you look so beautiful. It’s always interesting to see what other bloggers use. I wish I had some Chanel products! Is that some Clinque and Bobbi Brown I see? I like both of them.

  13. Denise, you are lucky, and I envy you. Your skin looks gorgeous and indeed very healthy and glowy! I eat well, drink lots of water, don’t eat meat and I (try to) sleep well, and I treat my skin well, but it doesn’t seem to matter. My skin has always been bad, and even at 26 I am still suffering from breakouts, blemishes, an overactive oil production, enlarged pores, you name it. So I think that luck and good genes have a lot to do with it too.

  14. Liebe Denise, natürlich lese ich Deine Texte, und das mit sehr viel Freude <3 Und es ist richtig, Deine Haut hat wirklich einen wunderbaren Glow, Du strahlst richtig gehend von innen heraus! Ich denke auch, dass viel und gut Schlafen eine Wohltat für die Haut ist, sicher spielt auch Deine Ernährung und das viele Wassertrinken eine große Rolle. Aber vor allem bin ich davon überzeugt – entsprechend dem Sprichwort "wie innen so außen" – dass Du ein reines Herz und eine reine Seele hast, und nicht nur deswegen weil Du Dich von außen und von innen pflegst. An Dir, liebe Denise, könnten sich sehr viele Menschen ein Beispiel nehmen, dann wäre unsere Welt eine bessere Welt.

    Ich wünsche Dir von ganzem Herzen alles Liebe – bleib wie Du bist, Du bist toll und schön!

    Deine Rena

  15. I spy Clinique! This makes me so happy, because I swear by that brand, in terms of make-up. They’re so great for sensitive skin!

    Thanks for letting us in on your beauty secret. Hope there are others who will be sporting glowing skin, thanks to what you imparted!

  16. Denise I love your beauty products! You have the guerlain highlighter! and I see the Chanel Highlighter, too :) you know how I love the chanel products. But I think the “glow” is also the sparkle of your beautiful heart. I wished you were on Instagram…hopefully you will join someday 😉

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