7 Things to do in Montevideo

7 Things to do in Montevideo – Continuing with the series about this fascinating country! I’m worried that it’s a bit boring to you, but I’m loving it and I’m trying to have a diary to remember when I leave the place :(

Visit the Rambla at night - amazing!

Visit the Rambla at night – amazing!

I know I have written 7 Reasons to Visit Montevideo – but it included architecture and pace of life… and not really What to do here. It’s such an underrated city to visit and when people decide to come here they get astonished! It was chosen as the city with the highest quality of life in South America. Last week I met an adorable retired American couple that is moving to the city. We met 3 times already and I hope we meet many more! It’s a city where people still have time to each other and I like it. There are many things to do, many for free! More than 7 things for sure – I am every day discovering something different and nice. But let’s start with 7 things today :)


1. Explore Ciudad Vieja (Casco Viejo, Old District). The Old Town of Montevideo is not extremely big and it’s new, in European terms (from 1726) It’s easy to discover it on foot. It is so cozy, sweet and with that vintage charm that I so much like. I’ve been there now many times, already. There you’ll find the Plaza Independencia, home for the Presidential building, the mausoleum for the national hero, Artigas, Palacio Salvo (one of my favorite buildings in the world), the main theater and the gate of the old city (Ciudadela), as well as great bookshops, churches, markets,  -visit Mercado del Puerto, good for typical food -, museums and coffee shops! I love it!

I will show now Mercado del Puerto, Salvo Palace open air exhibition and an amazing bookshop, called Puro Verso!

Puro Verso Bookshop, Old City

Puro Verso bookshop, Old City – the sign says in Latin “Veritas filia mensacii est“, which means “The Truth is the daughter of a lie”!

Puro Verso

Puro Verso bookshop

And of course, I had to take a picture at Puro Verso :)

And of course, I had to take a picture at Puro Verso :)

Mercado del Puerto, in the Old City area in Montevideo. A must to go!

Mercado del Puerto, in the Old City area in Montevideo. A must-go!

The beautiful ceiling of Mercado del Puerto

The beautiful ceiling of Mercado del Puerto. This restaurant, on the left in the pic, Casa Roldos, created a national drink, the medio y medio – half white wine and half sparkling wine

And I had to document my visit!

And I had to document my visit!

Lateral street of Mercado del Puerto, Old Town

Lateral street of Mercado del Puerto, Old Town, with bikes to rent

Salvo Palace in 1927, being built. An open air exhibition I went to

Salvo Palace in 1927, being built. An open air exhibition I went to :)

Artistic attempt to photograph Salvo Palace

Artistic attempt to photograph Salvo Palace

Salvo Palace, 2017

Salvo Palace, 2017

Plaza Independencia in 1910. I love this kind of picture, showing the past!

Open air exhibition – Plaza Independencia in 1910. I love this kind of picture, showing the past!

2. Watch the sunset at La Rambla promenade – and walk along it at night, too. It’s so beautiful to see the place, with the many buildings, all lit up! It’s a safe city and you can walk well along the Rambla. The Rambla has many benches, so you can sit down and admire the beautiful landscape. Many people jog and cycle and it has a different atmosphere than in the morning.

La Rambla Pocitos at night

La Rambla Pocitos at night

Beautiful details at La Rambla Pocitos/Punta Carretas at night

Beautiful details at La Rambla Pocitos at night

3. Drink Mate tea. Uruguayans drink a lot of mate tea. And if you think you can prepare it, wait! There’s a special way to prepare it. You’ll see many people in the city with a hot water bottle, gourd and metal straw (bombilla), drinking it from time to time.

Someone left it at a park, waiting to go back and drink Mate tea!

Someone left it at a park, waiting to go back and drink Mate tea!

4. Montevideo’s beaches – the city has a very long Rambla – promenade, and so, it means it has many beaches. It is not very hot now (last week I even had to wear a coat), but I saw on a sunny weekend many, but really many people on a beach. It was a lovely view, seeing people socializing and enjoying the beach.

Open air exhibition, old picture of Montevideo, with the extension of beaches

Open air exhibition, old picture of Montevideo, with the extension of beaches


5. Admire and photograph the many monuments at squares and parks, that the city offer. Just that, as simple as it sounds. There are really many parks and the monuments are really beautiful.

Plaza Bruno Mauricio Zabala

Plaza Bruno Mauricio Zabala

6. Churches, visit the many many churches of the city – The  city has many Roman catholic churches, very artistically ornamented. The Metropolitan Cathedral dates back to the Spanish colonial era, 1740. Inside the cathedral there are graves from many important figures in Uruguay, even tombs of soldiers who died protecting the city during British invasions of the River Plate in 1806-1807.

Montevideo's cathedral in Old Town

Montevideo’s Metropolitan Cathedral in Old Town

Beautiful ceiling!

Beautiful ceiling!


Iglesia San Francisco de Assis

Artistic detail

Artistic detail

Artistic street sign

Artistic street sign

7. Visit the many Museums of the city – So many, that if you come to stay for a week, it will be impossible to visit all. There are some that I would recommend to choose, if you have a short period of time here. I will write more about them later. A recommended one is the (Joaquín) Torres García Museum. He was a Uruguayan famous artist, who lived most of his life in Spain and France. The museum is spread over seven floors and it holds educational workshops.

Joaquin Torres Garcia Museum

Joaquin Torres Garcia Museum, Old Town

Torres Garcia Museum, Montevideo

Torres Garcia Museum, Montevideo

Old Town Montevideo, Torres Garcia Museum

Old Town Montevideo, Torres Garcia Museum

Finishing Touch and Mood of the WeekHappy-life-quote Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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61 thoughts on “7 Things to do in Montevideo

  1. Hello my sweet Denise!
    What a great post!
    Wonderful pictures!
    I really enjoyed your tour to this beautiful city that I didn’t know!
    Love the architecture and the monuments!
    Hope you have a great time visiting Montevideo!
    Have a happy new week!Hugs!
    Dimi… ❤️💋

    • Thank you for your sweet comment, dear Pam! Planned is to leave in January to go back home. It will cost me a lot to say bye to this city… :( But home is also a great place, maybe we can even meet one day! Hope you have a great week! XXX

  2. I’m almost embarrassed to say that I had to look up Montevideo and see where it is .. lol. The city looks so inviting and I love the beautiful architecture, which I find simple, but elegant. Hope you are doing well dear <3


    • Hi, dear Monica, thank you for your always sweet comments! Don’t be embarrassed, it’s an underrated city, as I told you, and that’s why it’s such a pleasure to discover it, seeing that it does offer a lot, that many people cannot imagine – that’s why I am writing about it, to spread its beauty and to “put it on the tourism map”, if possible – I don’t dare to think that I am doing that, I am too modest for such a thought! Look at this: once Uruguay played against Greece, and a Greek friend of mine was asked by friends “wow, will you watch it tonight? Uruguay is a World champion in soccer, twice”. She said “I guess we have good chances to beat an African country”. GASP! Many people who to look up to see where it is, so don’t worry :) So nice to write to you again here! Hope you have a lovely week!

  3. Liebe Denise, Du machst mich immer noch neugieriger auf Montevideo! Ich mag jetzt unbedingt selbst die alte Stadt besichtigen, den Sonnenuntergang anschauen sowie die Strände, Mate-Tea trinken und die vielen Monumente, Kirchen und Sehenswürdigkeiten besichtigen! Danke für die wunderbaren Fotos und Du siehst auch wieder nur schön aus <3 Alles Liebe aus Bayern!

  4. Ciao cara Denise! Certo che con i tuoi post stai facendo una bella pubblicità a Montevideo!^^
    Io non avrei mai pensato fosse una città così interessante e ricca di cose da fare e da vedere!
    Finora non l’avevo mai neppure considerata come meta di un possibile viaggio, ma dopo aver letto così tante belle cose , credo che se andrò a visitare il sudamerica un salto a vederla lo farò senz’altro! 😀
    Bellissime foto e verissima l’ultima citazione!
    Baci e buona settimana!

  5. What a truly beautiful place! They have so many gorgeous churches and little treasures! I’ve never been there, in fact I haven’t heard of it, but it looks wonderful!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  6. So wonderful you get to have this experience. I love the European feel to the architecture and so much to do! Is it inexpensive? Maybe that is why the American couple are moving there. With the ways things are going in the United States I am not surprised. Things are so awful here. I am thinking about leaving this country myself. It just looks like such a peaceful place to be, but maybe not. But certainly looks that way! : )

    Allie of ALLIENYC

    • Hi, Allie, thank you for your lovely comment! It is inexpensive if thinking about people who earn in dollars, sterling and euros, yes. For Uruguayans I suppose it is maybe “normal” or even a bit expensive. And yes, the American couple confided that they are moving because of Trump. It is very peaceful AND at the same time with loads of things to do, if one wishes. Lots of cultural events, galleries, museums. On Sundays there is tango in one square, where any person can dance – I love it! I would recommend this city to chill out AND to go to events as well :) I am sure you will love it! Thank you again, I love your comments! Hope you have a beautiful day!

    • Hello, dear Vanessa! So nice to have your lovely words! Well, it’s true, that’s one point I really love down here – it does look and feel like Europe. The cost of living is fine, as I answered to a blogger yesterday – for dollars, sterling and euro earners great, for the local people it’s just as normal, they cannot say it’s cheap or whatsoever, it’s normal :) Properties not, the prices are in dollars – a nice apartment (but not enormous) facing the sea (as they call it, so wide it is, but it’s still “river”) can cost US$300k, 400k and bigger of course, then some for 3 million dollars or more. But all the rest is more reasonable :) I am glad you like the post! Many thanks for your lovely support and hugs! XXX

  7. Hi dear! I really loved reading this article. It’s a lot of fun to (at least virtually) visit places with you. I would love to visit that Puro Verso bookshop some day, it sure looks like a perfect place for a book lover like myself.

    I love how you look so happy on all of these photos…and you know what they say- happy girls are the prettiest!

  8. That bookshop is heaven!! How I wish I could go there and just let myself drown in the beauty and wonders of the books! Anyway, your series of posts like this is alright. Document everything and do anything you need to. It’s your special space in the world wide web! hehe. And they are inspiring and helpful! :)

    Also, in reply to your comment on my post: Thank you so much, denise! I was just so disappointed with the lost photos though. I thought I already backed them up :( Anyway, thanks for appreciating my shorts! haha :) Have a nice weekend!

    xoxo, rae

  9. Qué hermosas fotos, Denise! Mi hermana mayor fue a Montevideo una vez y nos contó sobre la linda ciudad que era -y bastante más tranquila que Buenos Aires! Estas fotos son una prueba. Es lindo también ver el famoso mate allí 😉 Yo tomo bastante mate! Tu te ves muy feliz y eso me alegra, parece que descubriste muchos espacios hermosos en Montevideo!
    Que pases un maravilloso fin de semana, amiga!


  10. I have never been to Montevideo! It looks so beautiful there, though, I love the architecture and I think you can definitely see lots of European influences in the style. You look super radiant and happy in the photos, too! :) Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. <3 xoxo


  11. Hi Denise, your post is really wonderful and very useful. I liked it when you posted the seven reasons to visit Montevideo, and I loved it even more with this new post, which talks about what to do there and how to enjoy what the city offers. Thanks for the Christmas present. Yes, because this post is a real gift from Santa. Merry Christmas to you and a beautiful weekend. And very grateful for the beautiful commentary there in my blog Verdades de um Ser. (http://verdadesdeumser.com.br)

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