7 Reasons to Visit Montevideo

7 Reasons to Visit Montevideo – there are many more reasons, but 7 is a nice number :)

I just wanted to show the ring - but isn't this the famous blogger pose "my tooth aches"? :)

I just wanted to show the ring – but isn’t this the famous blogger pose “my tooth aches”? :)

As I said some months ago, I’m in the middle of an academic research with many documents that are in Montevideo, in Uruguay, the southernmost capital city in the Americas. So I had to come to the city to go on with my research. I’ll stay up to January, going back to Europe then, with lots of material for the development of the research. It’s not the first time I come to Uruguay – again, some time ago I shared that I was transferred to Rio de Janeiro for a while, by the Dutch bank I used to work for. I used the time to travel through some parts of South America, Uruguay included. It’s such a joy to re-visit it, since it’s a country to fall in love with – I truly recommend it! So, till January, expect posts about life in Uruguay and South America :) Hope you don’t get bored! Have you already come to this sweet country? I’d love to know about your impressions!7-Reasons-to-Visit MontevideoOOTD

1. Safety – Uruguay, with its 3,444,000 inhabitants (2016 est.), is a safe haven in South America! While many places are facing violence, you can freely walk through the streets of Montevideo! It’s a beautiful walkable city, with gorgeous parks.
2. Architecture – Home to about half the country’s population, Montevideo sometimes feels like Europe, with its beautiful architecture. I sometimes look at some places and think “this looks like Paris! Like London! Dublin!” Like “this and like that” – sometimes Rio de Janeiro (with its 15 miles of beach-side promenade, known as Rambla) and even Greece. But with Uruguayan character!
Such a beautiful landscape! River Plate's promenade is amazing!

Such a beautiful landscape! River Plate’s promenade is amazing!

3. People are really easy-going and very friendly. I really value how open and polite people are and like to interact. And till now, I found people that way and willing to help!
4. The rhythm of the city and people is more laid-back, more chilled-out. I also like this and I’ve read here that some people say that this is a bit retrograde life style – but honestly, I am loving it! 
You will see this tunic many times here :) I always travel with it, so practical! Scarf, Animale. Bah, Longchamps. Jeans, Pool  Jacket, same as last week :)

You will see this tunic many times here now :) I always travel with it, so practical! Scarf, Animale. Bag, Longchamp. Jeans, Pool. Jacket, same as last week :)

Shoes, . Soon I will wear flats on a daily basis, here :)

Shoes, New Look, with tights. Soon I’ll wear flats on a daily basis, here :) These shoes are too “eye-catching” to blend :)


Tristán Narvaja flea market on Sundays

Tristán Narvaja flea market on Sundays

5. Art and Literature. Be it on the city’s walls, or in the many fantastic museums, be it about the many really outstanding writers and incredible bookshops around the city, art and literature are really seriously taken here. Uruguay has the highest literacy rate in South America.
6. Flea markets – there are many, really lovely. The most famous is on Sundays, Tristán Narvaja. You can find everything – fruits, earrings, puppies, fabrics, furniture. It’s really so much fun!
7. Fashion = comfort. I found 3 makeup brands in Montevideo till now. There are some local fashion brands, but you won’t find many stilettos being sold or worn (I only saw one lady in high heels and with red lipstick, last week) – Clarks and Aldo in one Mall sell some heels, but people here prefer comfort and being practical. Vibrant colors are difficult to spot in the city. I’m trying to blend as much as I can and loving not paying so much attention to fashion, but comfort!
Shoes women most prefer in Montevideo - I saw loads on the streets and one Mall

Shoes women most prefer in Montevideo – I saw loads on the streets and in one Mall

Although in front of the Mall there was this sculpture (Punta Carretas Mall)

In front of the Mall there was this stiletto sculpture, but women here prefer comfy shoes (Punta Carretas Mall)

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

That's a very wise advice!

That’s a very wise advice!

Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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58 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Visit Montevideo

  1. Oh how wonderful Denise – I’d love to visit South America some day – it looks like Montivideo would be a good place to see. Have a wonderful time there and I hope your research works out well. have a great week. Fil x

  2. Oooh, I have never thought about visiting Uraguay! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and information about it. It is nice to see that it is safe there too and a nice chilled way of life! My husband went to Costa Rica and Nicaragua last Summer but I’ve never been to the Americas at all! The shoes look nice and comfy even though the colours are very beige!!

  3. Liebe Denise, das wusste ich nicht, dass Montevideo ein so tolles und vor allem auch sicheres Reiseziel ist! Daher vielen Dank, dass Du es hier vorstellst – das ist ein richtig schönes Ziel dorthin zu reisen. Danke für die guten Gründe und Dein wieder sehr schönes Outfit mit dem Traumschuhen <3 Ich hoffe, Du hattest einen guten Start in die neue Woche! Alles Liebe von Rena

  4. Hi Denise,
    Never been to Europe nor South America, but looking at those photos gave me that impression that they do have some similarity at some point. Thanks for sharing and making me feel as if I am there too, just by looking at your lovely photos and reading through. 😊

    Jhem | JhemSays.com

  5. Hello hun, I am finally back from my holiday, it turned out to be a really long trip, but I will explain that all in my next post :) This place sounds so beautiful, it sounds similar to the place Graham and I stayed in, in fact we loved it so much we plan to move there in 2 years! Its 4 hours from Cape Town but we have the sea,the forest and mountains on our doorstep, so there will be TONS of picture opportunities :) Thank you as always for your kind words, its been a hard 2 months but I am getting back into things slowly. You look gorgeous and happy as always, look forward to hearing from you and seeing all your pictures xxx

    • You will love Colonia, dear Lindsey! It’s such an amazing city, so calm and beautiful! So the next time I recommend Montevideo and Punta del Este! Hugs, dear Lindsey, thank you so much for your sweet comment!

  6. Querida,
    Que delicia ler seu post sobre Montevideu.
    Preciso retornar e ver algumas coisas que não vi.
    Seu olhar sobre Montevideu me deixou de queixo caído.
    Imagens encantadoras , fiquei querendo conhecer o mercado de pulgas, também gostei desse shopping que tem os sapatos altos na frente, as lojas dele eram encantadoras.
    Bjs amiga , amei tudo.

  7. Ma pensa un pò! Non avrei mai immaginato che Montevideo potesse esser una città così interessante!
    Ho sempre desiderato visitare il sud america soprattuto per vedere il Messico, Brasile, Argentina, i Caraibi, ecc, ma a Montevideo non ci avevo proprio mai pensato!
    Da ora in poi però lo terrò presente!
    Buona fortuna per le tue ricerche cara Denise, e goditi la permanenza lì! :)

  8. Oh wow, how exciting to get to travel for work. I have never been to South America, the most far South I have traveled is either Florida or California. I am excited to hear more about your experiences and see more photos. Not surprised you don’t see a lot of high heels and the like. I am sure there is less disposable income then the west. So you kind of have to be practical.

    Allie of

    • Hi, dear Allie, thank you for the lovely comment! This time it;s not really work, it’s “studies” :) A bit like work, yes :) But when I say “studies” to people, some think “ah, she doesn’t work”. Glad you understood, because studying is a lot of work :) Oh no, this is the west as well, I don’t know whether I gave the wrong impression. There’s a lot of income in this country, very elegant ladies, amazing cities and events (I was invited to one next Wednesday!), I am very impressed. The only thing is that Uruguayan women say that they dress to themselves, to be comfortable, and not to impress. I am loving this attitude, feeling liberated! For the next months I will wear more neutrals :) It’s a nice change, somehow! Thank you again for the lovely comment! By the way, Florida and California are great trips, I have never been to Florida and would love to! XXX

  9. Denise, you have given us some wonderful inspiration to travel to Montevideo. I’ve not been there but I will have to add it to my list of places to visit in the future. I like your outfit and the shoes are lovely, very classic style. It’s so interesting about the prevalence of comfy footwear there. Have a great rest of the week! <3 /Madison

  10. You do get around don’t you?

    Lovely to travel and visit new places regularly. It expands our horizons and encourages our minds and hearts to grow in ways we never knew were possible.

    Enjoy your time away!


  11. Hi my dear Denise! I’m sorry to not visiting your blog recently, but – here I am :) It was really interesting to get to know something about Montevideo – I wish to visit South America someday and Urugway sounds like divine place to start that journey with :) Firstly of all – good to know that Montevideo is safe – I think it’s the most important thing, if you not feel safe in some place, even the best architecture won’t help to fix this problem.What’s more, I love that this city have access to the ocean – personally I adore places with seaside. Moreover, I think that is great that the local women value comfort, because you can look stylish without heels :) The last thing is that you look so pretty in this floral tunic – it has divine print, which I’m huge fan of 😉 Take care, my lovely friend and have a great Friday as well! :)


  12. Wow Denise these are superb captures sweetie…You look beautiful and lovely babe…and looks like you had lotsa fun sweetie…And This is indeed a lovely guide to Montevideo…..Loved reading this post…xx, Neha

  13. I am so pleased to hear about this very special destination Denise. I’m hoping to plan a trip soon with my family and this may be a good spot. I hope you are enjoying it as you are getting your research done. I love your red handbag and also admire your pretty shoes. Black and Camel are so beautiful together. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

  14. Wow, how interesting! I knew, unfortunately, nothing of this city before reading this post – so thank you! Montevideo seems like a nice place to visit, I, myself, have been dreaming of Mexico for some years already. One day…How nice that you get to travel for work, do you travel solo? That can also be tough sometimes, or do you prefer it that way?
    Thank you for stopping by my blog, and leaving me such kind comments :)

    E from Helsinki, Finland

    • Hi, Elisabeth! Actually it’s not for work,but well, a bit :) it’s a PhD research, and some people I shared that said “ah, you JUST study” :) But that is a lot of work! Just not paid :) Work, as for the Dutch bank I worked for, was some years ago, when they transferred me to Rio de Janeiro for a year. Yes, for this kind of trip, to research for many months, I travel alone. It’s more comfortable, so I have more time to study :) Thank you sooo very much for your lovely comment, hope you have a nice day! Xxxx

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment and welcome! I’ll soon visit your site! I am writing about Montevideo little by little, so Mercado del Puerto is scheduled for Monday, Oct 23rd :) Hope you like the post! An amazing place, for sure! I wish you a nice start of the week!

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