7 reasons to eat fruits and vegetables

7 reasons to eat fruits and vegetablesbecause it seems an obvious thing to do, but people with “childlike” eating behavior – uh… me – still need to read about that!

5-minute simple braided bun hairstyle

5-minute simple braided bun hairstyle

I had the dangerous, scary swine flu 2 weeks ago and was more than a week in bed. It took me 7 days to start feeling better. I think I could have avoided it with better eating habits. Eating behaviors (food choice motivation, quantity intake, for ex.) are influenced by genetic, social and psychological factors. I like junk food since childhood; I know veggies and fruits are good, but to break a habit is difficult. I’ll try! Let’s read about some benefits!

  • May reduce disease risk – your immune system gets stronger to fight diseases!
  • Vitamins and minerals – nutritious and good to build up energy and stay healthy!
  • Fiber – excellent for your digestive system!
  • Low calories – isn’t that great? It helps satiety, so you eat less and better!
  • Convenience – it’s easy to eat; some need preparation, but many don’t!
  • Variety – there are so many different fruits and veggies, some will meet your taste!
  • Good for skin, nails and hair – who doesn’t like to look good?

OOTD :) and a sweet surprise a lovely blogger-friend made!

And since I have lost 7 kg (14 lbs), I'm wearing a floral crop top again - Lezalez

I’ve lost 7 kg (14 lbs) – not because of the flu! – so I’m wearing a floral crop top, finally! (Lezalez)

Louloux shoes and Dior bag

Louloux shoes, shiny tights, Dior bag, skirt Hering  and tigers’ double ring

I love floral patterns!

I love floral patterns!

Mother of pearl earrrings, bow ring and togers' double ring

Mother of pearl earrrings, bow ring and tigers’ double ring

Deborah, from the nice StylebyDeb blog, drew this sweet sketch, one of my outfits! How lovely, please check her blog out, she’s super sweet and talented! Thank you, dear Deborah! I felt so happy!

Blog Style by Deb


Positive people

Wishing you a great week with smiles! Thanks for the lovely comments!

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77 thoughts on “7 reasons to eat fruits and vegetables

  1. I’m so happy to hear that you are feeling better! I had the same kind of thoughts about three years ago http://helsinkidragonfly.blogspot.fi/2013/10/there-is-no-diet-that-will-do-what.html when my father passed away. A diet change is always good, if one can stick to it and one has good reasons for it! Thank you for stopping by my blog, and leaving me such a kind comment!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  2. Adorable shoes and handbag! Perfect for spring :-) Fruits & veggies are natures medicine so indeed beneficial to our diets. Sometimes I’ll have myself a vegan feast on a Sunday just to get in all those fruits/veg that I probably missed during the week.


  3. Hi Denise, I hope you are very well. I like very much fruits and vegetables. In my childhood I hated vegetables but now I like it. Fruits, I always liked it. But that reasons are more one reason for I continue eating them.
    Another subject: There are some time I walked away from negative people. They only bring to us problems and problems I’m running the leagues. Good week for you.

  4. I’m glad you are feeling better! And these are great reasons to eat more fruits and veggies. My mom was pretty strict about eating healthy when I was young so I’ve always had my share of these. Your outfit is gorgeous! I love those shoes and that bag! And the illustration is beautiful!

  5. Glad you’re feeling better! I think I’m one of those weird people that actually craves fruits and veggies and eats them all the time. They can be so delicious!

    P.S.: Such a gorgeous bag!


    Tamara – LoveofMode.com

  6. Fruit and veg are great! I really like veg. I’m not SO goood at eating fruit though I enjoy it!
    Sorry to hear you have been unwell- that’s horrid and swine flu too!! Argh!
    I’m not into astrology so I didn’t really know about that Mercury retrograde info you mentioned!
    Hope you have a good week.

  7. Really love that quote about negative and positive people, so true Denise. Fruit and vegetables are so great for you, not just internally, but externally. It’s wonderful for healthy looking skin. I am hoping that you are better now and wishing you a wonderful week. x/Madison
    Beauty Bathing

  8. Sweet Denise, again, I am so very sorry that you got struck by Swine Flu and thank the universe that you pulled through it. This is such a fun, cheerful outfit to celebrate starting to feel better with. Those shoes are a.) awesome and b.) wouldn’t have looked entirely out of place in the 1920s, which of course just makes a vintage fan like me adore them all the more.

    Many hugs & continued wishes for healing and strength,
    ♥ Jessica

  9. Swine flu? Oh, no!!!! That’s just bad luck. I know it must have been difficult, but I’m happy to know that you’re over it and I do hope you feel better now. Now, about what you wrote I think you’re right. When it comes down to our eating habits, there are many factors to consider. We are influenced by many different things, from our surroundings and from our genetics. However, we must remember that we can always change our habits! I think it is also important to note that the food is not the enemy, today so many people are going crazy about ‘healthy food’ which seems to exclude just about everything and that can’t be healthy. I think we can eat a bit of everything as long as we eat in moderation.

    You always look beautiful dear…and you have the most amazing smile! love your floral top! so well matched with that maxi skirt.

    Plus, I really like that illustration. It is so sweet and pretty. This girl has a really unique style, I love it!


  10. I’m vegetarian and for me eat healty (so fruits and vegetables) is really important! I really love this post :) thank you so much for sharing.
    Sometimes I write you in Italian ans sometimes in English.. but what do you prefer? xx
    Have a nice day.


  11. I am so sorry to hear about you being sick, hope you are already feeling much better, dang that darn flu! No probs eating fruit and veggies, that’s what I do anyway. I just love that stuff. Love this pretty and charming outfit on you, Dee. The Dior purse is just the cutest, same goes for the shoes. Cute cute cute. Get well soon, hun.

  12. Well I agree with the benefits of fruit and vegetables. I love fruit but I’m not a fan of vegetables but I still eat them because of the benefits. It’s always hard to break eating habits, that’s why so many people struggle with a healthy eating regime. Small steps is best so it doesnt feel like a high mountain to climb. Setting yourself goals and making plans for how you are going to stick to them also helps. I’m sorry to hear you got swine flu and I’m sure it could happen to even the healthiest of people because it’s just a virus. Congratulations on the weight loss anyway Denise, you look great and now you just have to keep up the good work!

  13. Hope you’re feeling better today. I have not always enjoyed veggies but I have been making sure that I am eating some daily and I feel even bad if I don’t these days. If we love ourselves and take good care, we need to give our bodies natural food and stop eating junk food (and poison ourselves).


  14. Denise, muchísimas gracias por incluir mi dibujo en tu post, realmente significa mucho para mí y a la vez me alegra ver que te haya gustado de verdad.
    Si una gripe común me hace sentir ya cansada y con constante dolor de cabeza, no me imagino lo que debe ser la gripe porcina. Espero que ya te sientas mucho mejor cuando leas esto.
    En cuanto a las frutas y vegetales, sí, soy una gran fanática! Me encantan! Y me gusta también que ayudes a crear consciencia de lo bueno que es para nuestros cuerpos consumir más frutas y vegetales todo el año!
    Por último y no menos importante, tu outfit de hoy es una mezcla perfecta de casual y chic. Los zapatos son ideales para la primavera y omg, esa cartera de Dior rosa es un sueño!! *.*


  15. Frutta e verdura sono così salutari!! Io adoro tutta la frutta e mangio volentieri anche molta verdura! ^-^ Complimenti per i tuoi risultati con la linea! Stai molto bene i quel top floreale! :)
    Un bacione cara e a presto!

  16. Such a sweet post, Denise! I agree: Eating fruits and veggies is SO important! Something I’m trying to teach my son! He eats fruits but he’s not into veggies! I, on the hand, LOVE both! :) Great post on that! On a different note: I adore the drawing from Deborah of you! How sweet is that? You are such an inspiration to many! Love you to the moon and back!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  17. Ciao cara Denise!
    Sono proprio contenta che tu inizi a stare meglio, ero un pò preoccupata per te ma non ti volevo disturbare chiedendoti sempre come stai?^^
    L’importante è che hai superato la fase più grave della malattia, ora devi solo avere un pò di pazienza e tornerai in forma come prima! :)
    Mangiare frutta e verdura è importantissimo, per me è assurdo che i genitori diano junk food ai figli, i miei a me mio fratello non ci hanno fatto mangiare nulla di confezionato o surgelato fino al liceo! Infatti noi siamo abituati a mangiare molta frutta e verdura, carne e pesce fresco e pasta e dolci quasi sempre fatti in casa, ed il cibo da fast food non ci piace nemmeno tanto…
    Comunque voglio suggerirti un trucco che magari ti aiuterà a recuperare le energie più velicemente: appena sveglia al mattino bevi un bel bicchiere grande con acqua calda, un cucchiaino di miele e il succo di 1-2 limone, aspetta 10-15 minuti e poi fai colazione; io lo bevo tutti i guiorni e sono sempre piena di energia, spero funzioni anche con te! 😀
    Rimettiti presto,

  18. Oh, liebe Denise, Du warst wirklich sehr krank, wie gut dass Du Dich nun endlich erholen konntest. Ich denke, wenn man Junk Food gerne mag – und wie Du schon seit der Kinderzeit – ist es alles andere als einfach darauf zu verzichten. Von dem her beeindruckt mich Dein Vorsatz sehr! Ich selber mag Obst und Gemüse wirklich gerne, für mich wäre es eher schwierig statt dessen Junk Food zu essen 😉 Du siehst toll und wunderbar schlank aus! Dein Outfit ist spitze und ich bin besonders verliebt in Dein Cropped Top, Deine Schuhe und Deine Tasche <3
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  19. Hello Denise, long time no comment. You should convert to Korean food, the vegetables are prepared really well so it’s easier to eat. I went to eating just Korean food for a year, and I lost a lot of weight after I had my son.

  20. Hello Denise :) How are you feeling, sweetie? I hope that you’re fine, dear! What about your post, I think that one of that person, who doesn’t need any encouragement to eat vegatables or fruits, because personally I eat a lot of them and my plate is always colorful :) What’s more that illustration, which was drawn by Deb is amazing, dear and congrats on that 7 kg, which you lost, it’s huge achievement, I’m impressed! And one more thing – thank you for your lovely comments, Denise! :)


  21. Really cute outfit Denise! Loved the shoes, and the bag! <3
    I'm so glad you're better these days. Hopefully you've recovered completely till now.
    And how nice that you lost 7kg. Oh wow! I'm still trying to lose a few myself.
    Surely, better eating habits help both for our health and for losing some kilos! Trying to keep it healthy…
    Filakia polla!

  22. Hi Denise! Oh my goodness, how awful that you had swine flu :-( I’m so glad to hear you’re better now. I think we all have a few bad habits when it comes to nutrition, nobody is perfect! I agree that we should all eat more fruit and veg and these are excellent reasons! I like to make smoothies at least once a week, you can just throw everything in and made it yummy and healthy :-) I love your shoes, by the way, looking gorgeous! x

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

  23. Ciao Denise!
    Mi fa piacere che tu stia meglio!
    E’ importante e fa bene mangiare tanta frutta e verdura…quando ero piccola non mi piaceva, non ne mangiavo mai! Poi ho cominciato un po’ alla volta ad assaggiare i vari tipi di verdure.
    Mangio anche tanta frutta, ma soprattutto in estate, quando ci sono ciliegie, albicocche, pesche, angurie…che bontà!:-)
    Sai che a me piace tanto il rosa, adoro il tuo top e la tua borsa!
    Un bacio grande
    Paola ♡

  24. Hi Denise, I am happy you recovered well from that terrible flue, I have been quiet under the weather myself these last days!! :)
    for the last 2 years I am practicly a vegetarian, I’ve grown to love my vegetables and eat them on a daily basis, my health and body has noticed the change on the long haul and I feel much better now :) ow, and I love the cute pink shoes! really makes you smile 😉
    ps: congrats on those 7 kg!

    Have a great friday!
    x Josune @ Your Beauty Script


  25. hey again! I really enjoyed that post and the message you have here. junk food may be yummy but we should always prefer something pure. okay, it’s normal to have some weak moments but the majority of our meals should be pure and healthy. I’ve been thinking about it too recently, especially now when the time of all things fresh is approaching. by the way, I did notice you’ve lost some kilos! you look especially happy! and gosh how gorgeous those shoes and the bag are, so my cup of tea 😛 I love the top too! such great print! so I guess we all should eat more veggies and fruit to improve our health!

  26. Love the braided bun! Yes, breaking bad habits can be tough, but what I find helps me is I try to replace snacks with yummy fruit. It took me a while to become friends with vegetables, and I still struggle on that, so that’s where you can do a fruit and vegetable smoothie!

    Sorry to hear that you were so sick, it’s great that you are feeling better!

    House of Illusions

  27. Gorgeous flowery prints Denise. I’m so sorry to hear you were unwell, that’s awful :( you poor thing. Getting sick is no fun at all! I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better now xx

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