50 wearable Hairstyles for Long Hair

50 wearable Hairstyles for Long Hair – actually, 53 and a bit more that I didn’t photograph… but 50 sounded better :) Easy styles, I like practical things. Do you like changing hairstyles?

With a scarf

Wavy with a scarf, Half ponytail, Scrunched and “end” curls with scarf, A bow made with hair, Straight with a headband, Half braided ponytail, Loop Braid, Fabric Hat, Ponytail with a scarf

Once I read that the movie Legally Blonde showed more than 40 hairstyles. I thought “really?”, and yes, if I go on I’ll be able to find 50 other styles for long hair. But 53 are enough now :) Sorry, I didn’t pay enough attention and repeated one picture :) Some may look like “ah, just the same”, like I also felt when I saw Elle Woods’ styles – but believe me, there are differences. With a barrette, with a scarf or a headband, or even just a ribbon, etc. :) Let’s take a look? :)

Source here

Source here


Side bun

Side bun, Twisted side ponytail with a scarf, 60s style, Loose with curls, Slightly curled and a headband, Straight with a ribbon, One single thin braid, Braided top knot, Curly with a pin


Top knot with chopsticks, Half top knot, Wavy with a clip, Straight with a clip, Curly side ponytail with a ribbon, Curly with a clip, Pompom Beanie, “End curls” with a ribbon, Loose “end” curls


Beanie with a ribbon and a brooch, Side parted, Beret with pearls, Braid with a flower, Floppy hat, Segmented ponytail with a scarf, Two braids, Reverse Crown Braid, Crown Braid


Almost without a fringe,  Loose “End” Waves, Side Ponytail, Bun, Side Braid, Curly with a headband, Many Pins, Scrunched with a scarf

Two Braids

Two Thin Braids, Wavy with a rose pin, Loose “end” waves with a clip, Half knot braid, Braided Bun, Zigzag part, With a Flower, Half thin Braid, Colorful Beanie

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week


Hope it was not too boring!

Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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61 thoughts on “50 wearable Hairstyles for Long Hair

  1. Wonderful inspiration, Denise. And, yes, there is so mich that one can do with different hairstyles. It’s amazing what hats and a pretty braid can donasnwell. <3 Thanks for your comment. Wishing you a great start to the week! /Madison

  2. My Locs are getting longer and longer and gone are the days where I just rush out the house without looking at my hair, I actually have to do something to it now. A ponytail, headband, bobby pins, anything to keep this thick mane out of my face. Wow, Legally Blond showed over 40 hairstyles, that’s a little mind-blowing. My favorite is the Curly with a clip or the Loose “End” Waves. You have such a beautiful simple Denise :)

  3. Wow I can’t believe you have tried 50 (53) different hair styles, that is amazing! I struggle to think of just one or two. You have such amazing hair though and I will try some of these ideas out instead of having the same hair style every day :) x

  4. Hi Denise! I really like your hairstyles inspirations, I also have long hair and believe me – sometimes I don’t have any idea what hairstyle I can create from them, so this post is really inspiring! What’s more, I haven’t had idea that Legally Blonde shows 40 different hairstyle – you’re right -each of them is original and not the same at all. What about you, my dear, you have really pretty hair, so they look amazing, no matter what you would done with them and if I have to pick my favourite hairstyle from you, it will be the one with flower and 2nd one. Hope you’re having lovely evening so far, my dear friend!


  5. I am officially RUBBISH with long hair! You have such delightful long locks, they look amazing whatever you do with them! I NEVER thought about Elle Woods having all those hair styles but you are right- she has loads!!!x

    • I Tell you, dear Stella, my hair is very very thin, too, to the point that my hairdresser calls it “baby hair” and that’s why I’m always using different styles! To disguise it :) So I’m sure that when your hair grows you can start wearing other styles, but I like your hair the way you wear it, very cool and stylish! Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

  6. Wonderful hair style inspiration. All of these hairdos look great on you and I especially like the one with the little braid on the side. If you like small braids…You can try making two small braids, one on each side… :) I do agree that one can do much with long hair. Long hair isn’t boring at all. I prefer to have my hair let go, but I like to dry different ‘let go’ styles and variations….and whenever I have a bad hair day I opt for a bun.:)

  7. Wow! Thanks for this post! I am one of those people who are too lazy to do anything with their hair. I don’t have much time in the morning and I would rather spend it on doing my makeup and eating breakfast. I like to just wear my hair as it is, in a pony tail, or a high bun. But this is such an inspiration! Looking at the styles you made, they are not that difficult to do and will only take a few minutes to make! Thank you so much! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  8. Sorry sorry for being so late, Denise, my friend. I am overloaded with work these days, don’t even find time for my blog, hahaha. Anyhow, all the different hair do’s are fantastic on you, hun. You are truly beautiful, Denise and your hair is gorgeous, btw. Happy new week, sorry gotta dash.
    latest look: Stars’n’Stripes

  9. Ma che bella idea che hai avuto cara Denise!
    Io adoro cambiare hairstyle, ma avendo i capelli mossi/ricci e scalati tante pettinature non mi vengono bene…
    Però mi hai dato un sacco di belle idee con questo post!
    Tu hai dei capelli bellissimi ed un viso stupendo, è facile che ti stia bene qualunque acconciatura, mi piacciono proprio tutte quelle che hai proposto!
    Ti auguro una bellissima settimana, tesoro! 😀

  10. Haha that is pretty funny to be inspired by Legally Blonde and 40 good lord, who knew! But 53 wow Denise you really out did yourself. Funny I have long hair but really only where it one way. It is layered, and damaged and thin so it is hard to do much with it even though it is long.

    Pony tails give me headaches as do buns etc…so that does not leave much, but with gorgeous hair like yours the sky’s the limit!

    Allie of

  11. well, of course I like different hair styles, especially all kinds of cool braids! but the thing is my workday mornings are so hectic that I manage to do nothing with my hair, absolutely nothing. sometimes it looks pretty bad, haha. by the way, I noticed those real big waves or curls in your third group (third photo in the second row). those look especially glamorous and bouncy and suit you SO well! I love that look! and wow that you took the time to gather all those hair styles! I would get a really colourful post if I did it, haha since I used to colour my hair all the time when I was younger. should think about making that post. thank you for the inspiration, Denise!
    ps. I love Legally Blonde. I always watch it when they show it on tv and I think I also have the VHS somewhere, hehe.

  12. Liebe Denise, Du kannst Deine wunderschönen Haare traumhaft gut frisieren und ich bin beeindruckt, welche verschiedenen Frisuren Du Dir machen kannst! Alle sehen richtig gut aus – und Du kannst einfach perfekt Bänder im Haar tragen. Ich mache mir durchaus verschiedene Frisuren, trage allerdings bestimmte Frisuren immer eine Weile bevorzugt. Danke für die tollen Inspirationen und noch eine tolle Woche für Dich!
    Liebe Grüße, Rena

  13. I have no idea how to do anything with my hair other than wear it down! I really need to be a bit more creative with it… perhaps YouTube can show me a few new things to try :)


  14. Qué post tan divertido, Denise! Creo que todos vimos la pelicula Legally Blonde pero pocos se dieron cuenta de la cantidad de peinados y estilos mostrados, qué hallazgo el tuyo! :)
    A mi siempre me encanta como te peinas, le das un toque especial y distinto a cada estilo. Me parece una ideal genial que hayas compilado todos para futura inspiración de muchas 😉 Aunque yo ahora lo tengo medio corto, pero igual son ideas totalmente ‘wearable’! Asi que gracias por la inspo!! <3
    Que tengas un buen finde semana Denise!


  15. I never look good on pictures meanwhile you always light up all of your picture with this lovely smile.. and you all wonderful in all those hair dos.
    I’m not the most creative with hair dos, I tend to go with one or two styles that are very comfortable. You are giving me hair inspiration. I need to try and have more fun with my hair.
    I hope you are well dear.
    Have a wonderful week Denise :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

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