5 Ways to be Happier!

5 Ways to be Happier today and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It’s so good to start a “fresh chapter:) We have now 361 days :) to write a life story the way we want! What are your plans for this year?

New year goals

* “On the road” right now – next post on Jan 25th :)

We all have so many different traits – some people are very optimistic, some are not, but want to change. For that, we can always read positive words and remember that we are blessed! Feeling more positive isn’t going to happen miraculously, but little by little, let’s follow the 5 steps below! Normally I don’t write this much, but I felt like this today :)

Happiness is our Choice

Let’s stop blaming others or “past lives karma” for our unhappiness. We can decide to be happy and train our minds for that. It’s a choice. Once we do it, we start a new life. Life is too short to waste energy and thoughts on things that are not relevant – a friend offended you (maybe s/he is an unhappy person)? Your boss was unfair? True, difficult situations to forgive. But we can try.

Happy new year

Starting a journal

I always say, we tend to forget how lucky we are – we have houses, nice food, we read, write, we have a loving family – how great is that? How many people would love to have that? So, for me, this is being rich. Please remember, what means happiness for someone, may not for another. Every day I write down what I learned or what happened on that day, even a silly thing, like watching a nice movie or preparing a nice meal. Express your gratitude for what you have! Everything that makes us content is helpful to be happier with the small things in life.

Being kind

Being kind, helping someone, not only with money, but words, is really very rewarding. There’s a saying about it: “The one who helps feels the same happiness – or double – as the one who received it”!

Irish sea

Plan small targets

We create our obstacles, too, by expecting things from others. Keep realistic hopes. When you have great expectations – not wrong, of course – you tend to be more critical and frustrated if things don’t happen like you want. Small steps and targets are easier to be fulfilled and that will lift your self-esteem and sense of purpose and fulfillment.

The past is over

Stop living life thinking about the past, unless it is about nice memories (to remember is to live it twice!) or the lessons you learned, thus being wiser. We bring our energy down when we can’t let go of past mistakes and wounds. It doesn’t happen in a second, but allow yourself to focus on what and who is important in your life, otherwise you are not living. You can learn to let go: ask yourself how you would like today to be remembered? How can we make our present better than  yesterday?

Collecting stones

By focusing on what you are supposedly missing, you lose the good things that are happening in your life. Contentment comes from your inner-self. If you bear a grudge and can’t move forward, then you are allowing your past to destroy your future. So why continue wasting emotions and energy on negative behaviors, habits and thoughts? Happiness is within yourself. You can start practicing these five principles and work on being happier! You will see how your world will change!

47 thoughts on “5 Ways to be Happier!

  1. What a fabulous post Denise. I don’the disagree with anything you say. Set little goals rather than big ones, for sure – easier to keep. Don’t dwell on past problems – learn from your mistakes and move on, just as you say. It is undoubtedly easier to post rationalise these things, than do them at the time. But with a bit of effort we can all get there. I’m a firm believer of that. Happy New Year my dear friend. Txxx

  2. Denise my good friend! I am so sorry I have been gone for so long. I had to take a break from blogging but I am back now, and my how I have missed your posts dearly! This one resonates with me so deeply. I try so hard to live everyday with these mantras. Especially letting go of the past, and letting go of people that are just worthy of continuing with you in your path of life. I found it is so hard for me to know if I am doing the right thing – but listening to yourself, I mean truly, with only the best of intentions. How can you go wrong? Cheers to 2016 being an absolutely fantastic year for you! I can’t wait to read up on all of your blog posts that I missed :)


  3. I like that quote about collecting stones and losing a diamond. It’s funny how we lose sight on the things too; we really do live like kings comparatively towards most other human beings who have either lived, as well as some current human beings too. Happy 2016, Denise! I hope it’s an awesome year for you!! XO

  4. happy new year, dear Denise! let’s hope it will be an amazing one!
    that was such a beautiful post and not too long at all 😉 I wish it would be easier to follow all those steps every day. I can see how good it would be and of course I’m giving my best with it but at the same time I know it’s not going to be easy at all. I think one can’t be 100% good and perfect anyway but what counts is the effort to be as good as possible. trying and making an effort is what matters.
    thank you for sharing this inspirational and positive piece of writing. and happy blogging for 2016! take care, Denise!

  5. I have noticed I’m not as happy as when I was younger. I think it’s because of the monotony of life, nothing seems fresh anymore. That’s why 2016 is my year to travel more often, and do new things. I’m taking control of my life because I don’t know when I will die, and don’t want to miss out on things.


  6. Querida Denise, antes que nada quiero desearte un muy feliz año nuevo y que este 2016 sea un estupendo año para vos!
    Me encantó leer este post, me siento muy optimista en este año particularmente y voy a recordar estos tips para mantener ese optimismo durante el año. muchas gracias por compartir!


  7. Happy New Year, dear Denise!
    Thank you for sharing these!
    Todos los consejos que diste son muy buenos y ayudadores. La verdad tienes razon, la vida es tan corta que es mejor no desperdiciar nuestro tiempo en cosas que no valen la pena. Y tambien tu consejo que “the past is over” es tan alentador, ayuda mucho. Eres lo maximo, una bendicione Denise. Estoy agradecida de haber encontrado tu blog y poder mantener contacto contigo. Muchos mas necesitan recibir lo que tu tienes y ofreces y por eso compartire tu post en mi fb del blog. Espero que mucho vengan a leer lo que compartes.
    Otra vez muchas gracias Denise.
    Bendiciones para ti, con mucho cariño,
    – Elsey

  8. Denise! I’m so behind on reading your blog :( it’s been a crazy few weeks :( I hope you had a wonderful christmas and new years? I’m going to be reading back to catch up all the posts that I have missed xxx

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