5 Tips for Greener Trips

5 Tips for Greener Trips – a way to help the planet and feel good with ourselves!

Solis Theater in Montevideo

Solis Theater in Montevideo

I confess I don’t really like posts with such a title, like “I am giving tips”, as if I were an expert and other people couldn’t figure things out. I didn’t know what title to write :) and well, these tips work for me :) Kezzie and her lovely blog (check it out, please), made me think of being a more responsible traveler – or “greener” – and I thought I’d share what I do when traveling, in order to help the planet, having more “sustainable trips“, if we can say that. I don’t like my posts to be long (who has read it up to this point? By the way, just the fact that someone comes to my blog makes me happy, don’t worry if you don’t have the time or patience to read all), but here we go :)

I travel for a good number of reasons, all necessary to me, and obviously I don’t need to justify why I do that. Do believe me that I only fly when I have no other choice – believe it or not, I hate flying. As much as I can, I take trains, boats, buses and cars, in this order.  I also walk a lot! And if I don’t need to travel, I love being at home. I try to be as eco-friendly as possible and I thought it would be good to share  some tips, some things that I do :) What tips can you add? I’d love to know!

Main street downtown Montevideo - 18 de julio. I really walk a lot, this street is very long

Main street downtown Montevideo – 18 de julio. I really walk a lot, this street is very long


Sustainable trips are about making simple choices to lessen the negative impact in a place you visit. Alone, the choices may be seem as making a small difference, but together they make a big impact. There were some things that I didn’t know, like point # 2. The whole amazing article about Green Trips you can find here.

1. Book non-stop flights whenever you can: it’s takeoffs and landings that create most of an airplane’s carbon emissions.
2. If you’re traveling in a group and the destination is within driving distance, take a road trip. I do that very often. When traveling alone, what I often do, too, it’s actually more eco-friendly to fly! If you do fly, consider doing so with one of the 30+ IATA member airlines who have programs to neutralize the aircraft’s carbon emissions by investing in carbon reduction projects.
This plane is greener than some others. And that is my luggage for a 3 month-trip. You will see me with my "flight-uniform", that tunic, may more times! I normally fly wearing it :)

This plane is greener than some others. And that is my luggage for a 3 month-trip. You will see me with my “flight-uniform”, that tunic, many more times! I normally fly wearing it :) To Amsterdam, 2017

3. If you drive, rent a hybrid or electric car, which use less fuel and produce less carbon emissions. If you have the time, traveling via bus, train, or ship generally has less environmental impact.
4. Go to a hotel that uses local resources. With local staff, local food and decoration, investing in the local economy.
5. When you leave your room, turn off all lights, heat/AC and television. And as much as possible, leave the “Do Not Disturb sign on the door – that cuts down on chemical cleansing agents, electricity used in hoovering and water.
Is this car good enough for being green?

Is this car good enough for being green?

October 2017, Montevideo, Uruguay

October 2017, Montevideo, Uruguay

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

In Uruguay I learned many quotes... "I don't bear a grudge, but I keep a list" :)

In Uruguay I learned many quotes… “I don’t bear a grudgebut I keep a list“! :)

Wishing a nice nice week with many smilesThank you so much for your lovely comments!

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48 thoughts on “5 Tips for Greener Trips

  1. Hello my sweet Denise!Love your tips !
    I always plan a trip months ago for cheaper prices!
    I choose no stop flights and I like traveling alone not with a group!
    And i love to go via train to other destinations!
    Thank you for sharing!Have a joyful week!!

  2. Great traveling tips and good advice on being eco conscious. I am also very concerned about our planet and do my best. I try to walk most places, or take the subway here in Manhattan . I always turn off lights, and in New York you don’t even need light at night. I can watch tv or read just by keeping the window shade open. The city lights, light up my room completely!
    ❤️🌸❤️ Elle,

  3. Anche io amo molto viaggiare, ma non avevo mai pensato a farlo in mdo più green!
    In effetti io adoro volare, e preferisco l’aereo a tutti gli altri mezzi, sia perchè è molto più veloce sia perchè mi piace vedere il cielo ed il mondo dall’alto (e anche perchè soffro di mal d’auto quindi i viaggi lunghi in macchina per me sono i peggiori e cerco di evitarli il più possibile) ma non avevo mai pensato a quanto inquinasse…
    Ottimi ed utili consigli cara denise, mi hanno fatto riflettere! :)
    Happy Hallowen!

  4. These are some seriously good tips and it really makes you think about traveling greener…I am very electricity and water conscious living in SA, so I am ALWAYS switching off lights, TVs etc when at Hotels. Hope you have a great Tuesday hun xx

  5. Great tips Denise – we don’t travel much by plane any more, but we drive an awful lot when we’re on the road – not good for the environment – but we do try to be more conscious having a car that is more eco friendly and buying local food where possible.
    Have a brilliant week and keep enjoying Uruguay – loving the posts from there.
    And in Celtic terms, happy new year – this is the day of new beginnings xx

  6. Ha ha! I like that quote from Uruguay!

    I’m with you on trying to have less of an environmental impact on the earth.

    I’m the same in my home trying to use less energy, less water etc. Most people don’t think that the little things they do can make a difference, but they can.

    Great post!


  7. Hello my dear Denise! Firslty, thank you for each of your lovely comment on my blog – I really appreciate all of them. What’s more, I hope that you’re fine too! :) I really like your tips – I think that maybe for some people your tips will be something normal, but I really hope that for other part will be eye-opening and very informative, because even small changes in habits can help our planet. Personally I’d add one tip – if your destination is really close by (I’m talking about going on shopping or so) instead of driving, choose walking – it’s healthier for you and for planet as well. Have a lovely evening, Denise!


  8. hey, Denise! I think I don’t even have to say I’ve been a really bad blogger/blog reader 😛 simply haven’t found that right mood for it but I’m still working on it and planning on returning to the blogging world. I want to make an October roundup post but let’s see how it goes, hehe. as I’ve said before, I’m posting weekly updates on my Instagram account, I don’t know if you’re visiting there but yeah, a couple of times a week I post stuff there :) so you can check there to see what I’ve been up to 😉 by the way, how has your life been??
    and now a few words about your post (which I obviously read through! 😉 it made me happy to see that we usually follow 3 or 4 from those 5 points :) walking is the main thing we do when in foreign countries because that way you discover such great hidden corners you would not see from a car or a bus. of course we use public transport when the distance is too long and there aren’t proper roads for walking. it’s great that you wrote about such topic and I hope many people read it and actually thought about it!
    take care and have a lovely week! and thank you for the notes you’ve left me, I really appreciate it!

  9. Liebe Denise, das alte Auto ist so cool und Du bist so schön! Und ich bin beeindruckt, wie bewusst Du sogar beim Reisen bist und Du hast so absolut recht mit allen Deinen Tipps. Die sollte man wirklich beherzigen, daher vielen Dank fürs Teilen und hoffentlich lesen sehr sehr viele Menschen Deinen wichtigen Post. Alles Liebe von Rena

  10. Great tips Denise! I think you already know, I try to live in a very green and eco-friendly way – so round ups of tips like these are perfect for me. Thanks for sharing! I’d love to try some more sustainable trips!

  11. Hello, it’s S.C. aka Mr. Boyfriend again. Lenya sends her love but she still is not able to visit blogs. I appreciate your concern and if you like you can contact me via Lenya’s email address for more information.Thank you for thinking of her and for your lovely comment.
    best regards
    S.C. aka Mr. Boyfriend

    • Hello, Lenya’s boyfriend, thank you so much for writing and giving me news, I was worried! I don’t expect Lenya to visit blogs, she must recovering – I just needed some news, so, again, thank you so much for it! Please, tell her that I really send her many positive vibes!

    • It was perfect, dear Elle, I loved your sweet comment, thank you so much! I will be glad to subscribe again, because I noticed I wasn’t receiving any news and honestly, I got sad! Now I think it will all be fine! Hope you have a lovely weekend, and again, thank you for your comment!

  12. I think these are good tips. I don’t know how feasible some of them would be for most people, though. I think it depends on their economic situation. For example, I rarely take non-stop flights, not because I don’t care about the environment, but that it’s just not the most economically viable option for me. I totally get where this list is coming from, though, and I think if it’s within people’s power to put these ideas into practice, they certainly should! <3

    – Anna


    • Hi, Anna! Thank you for your nice comment! I totally agree with you and sometimes I use this way too! It’s really funny how nearly every country and company say that we have to go green and at the same time offer more expensive prices for “less” green tickets and even food. I totally agree with you! Thank you again for the lovely comment! Hope you have a nice weekend! Xxx

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