5 Facts about the Tibetan New Year

5 Facts about the Tibetan New Year, because I said I’d show a trip to a Buddhist Temple, during the celebrations of the Tibetan New Year, on Feb 27th.

Buddhist Temple gardens

Buddhist Temple gardens

So now there were the celebrations of 2017 (Dec 31st-Jan 1st), then Chinese New Year on Jan 28th, then my astrological new year after my birthday on Jan 31st and now the Tibetan New Year, on Feb 27th. I love these celebrations :) Do you like New Year festivities? Any kind of new year?

Some weeks ago I felt really stressed and overwhelmed and I felt I should visit a Buddhist Temple and a Tibetan restaurant. Such a good decision! It was a big hill with many Buddhist buildings there, really beautiful. It’s peaceful, people only wish good things to each other and that recharged my batteries. I didn’t know much about the Tibetan New Year, so I thought of sharing what I have learned:


1) Tibetan New Year is called Losar. It’s the most important traditional celebration for Tibetans and starts from Dec, 29th on Tibetan calendar and the entire celebration is expected to last for 15 days, while most of the festivities will take place in the first 3 days.

2)  Tashi Delek means “all the best” and it’s the most common way of greeting during Tibetan New Year.

Indian bangles and yellow mandala, to honor the Tibetan New year festivities

Indian bangles and yellow mandala, to honor the Tibetan New year festivities, plus a flower in the hair

3) There’s cleaning the house tradition, special dishes (like Guthuk, a dumpling with small things inside, like wool, charcoal, etc… meaning something for the year), visiting neighbors and elderly people, replacing the Prayers’ Flag Tree (when the wind blows, the prayers are taken to everybody), fires for expelling ghosts, offerings with incense (I did it!) and getting the “First water of the year” from a river.

4) It’s celebrated outside Tibet as well, in regions like some parts of India, Thailand, Nepal and Bhutan.

5) This is the year 2144 – Losar 2144, in fact – which is the Year of the Firebird. Lo means year, age and Sar means new, fresh.

The year of the Firebird brings passion to our lives :) The firebird energy has the power for continual recreation and has the symbolic representation of awakening, like the Phoenix. It’s a determined animal, impulsive, social, integrated in a community. So this year, we’ll gravitate toward each other in a constructive way. We can create something much bigger together than we would on our own. This year, we can move confidently towards our ambitions – we will be helped by a network of love.

Because many times we tend to have negative feelings, there are chants that aim cleansing negative habits and thoughts, thus entering the new year with a positive vibe. This can be used by any person, regardless of beliefs and religion. I think they’re very positive, a simple way for all of us to let go of the things that no longer serve us. They are called Mamo Chants. Here are some:


Hope you have a great positive New Year! Tashi Delek!


Midi dress, denim jacket, white bell sleeved top

Gamine midi dress, Penneys denim jacket, Colcci white bell sleeved top

Buddhist Temple

Buddhist Temple

Here we can see the dress in a better way :)

Here we can see the dress in a better way :)


Wedges, Asos

Wedges, Asos

Yellow mandala, Manoa. It was a pair of earrings. I changed to a pendant

Yellow mandala, Manoa. It was a pair of earrings. I changed to a pendant

Yellow tote bag

Yellow tote bag, Very Rio

Indian bangles

Indian bangles and a glass ring bought in San Marino

Nail art of the week :)

Nail art of the week :)



Such a beautiful detail

Such a beautiful detail

Prayer Flag Tree - when the wind blows, the flags move and take good wishes to everybody

Prayer Flag Tree – when the wind blows, the flags move and take good wishes to everybody

Timomo Tibetan bread, some call it Timo, at a restaurant. Very yummi!

Tingmo Tibetan bread, some call it Timo or Timomo, at a restaurant. Very yummi!

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week


Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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63 thoughts on “5 Facts about the Tibetan New Year

  1. Denise
    Existe um ditado que diz: Chega-te aos bons e serás um deles, chega-te aos maus, e serás pior do que eles..É muito bem vindo pelo menos pra mim estes cinco fatos desta cultura pois eu não conhecia.
    Percebe-se ai grandeza de se partilhar coisas boas e se a achegar ao bem. considero isso a mais profunda generosidade.
    Nem todos podemos ser ilustres mas todos poderemos ser bons não é mesmo?
    Desejo uma semana com muita paz.

  2. That was very interesting to learn about. I’m glad that you felt it helped you. Which country are you in? I never know where you are.
    The temple and prayer tree are really beautiful.
    I do like the Bohemian, floaty dresses you wear-they look very cool and comfy.Xx

  3. Wonderful facts Denise – I didn’t know that the Tibetans had a different calendar. How beautiful the temple is – your dress fits in perfectly. I wish you a perfect new year in whichever calendar we’re on :) And have a lovely week x

  4. Ich ven thoug I visited Tibet and Nepal, I had no idea about the celebrations. Firebird sounds like a great animal, and the perspective of a passionate and loving year ahead of us makes me smile. Just what I need in my life.
    I am glad to hear you got to recharge your batteries a little, Denise. That is so important.

  5. Liebe Denise, ich denke das war eine wunderbare Idee, dass Du während dieser Zeit in Deinem Leben einen Tempel besucht hast! Was Du hier über das Tibetische Neujahr schreibst, ist mir größtenteils neu, obwohl ich eine Weile in meinem Leben eine sehr intensive Phase hatte, in der ich alles über Tibet gelesen habe. Vielen Dank fürs Teilen, ich finde, das allesamt sehr sinnvoll. Ich gebe zu, ich selber bin kein so großer Fan, Neujahr zu feiern, dank Dir überlege ich jetzt, ob das wirklich so eine gute Einstellung ist. Du siehst sehr schön aus in Deinem Outfit! Eine tolle Woche wünscht Dir von Herzen, Rena

  6. Happy Monday, my dear Denise. First of all, you look beautiful and lovely. Your post are always very informative and instructional. I should internalized the first quote, that’s for sure. Yeah one should always look at the bright side of life, even if we think there ain’t none. But there always is. Wishing you a blissful week, Denise, may every day be the best day in your life, hun.
    New update: : : Sweater Girl : :

  7. I didn’t know it was the Tibetan New Year Denise! I always learn something new when I visit Denise’s Planet :) I love New Years Celebrations especially Chinese New Year and of course my astrological New Year Rocks! I’ve also been super stressed and overwhelmed Denise, crying for no reason, well there is always a reason, but you know what I mean. I feel tired and worn down all the time. I took a week vacation and hung out with some family on the East Coast, it recharged my batteries, and I’m ready to get back on track, with a happier and healthier attitude. You are so adorable Denise, I love your smile, and those nails are pretty impressive, beautiful Mandala jewelry, thank you for sharing such special pictures with us. Have a great week.

  8. Ma che bello! Piacerebbe tanto anche a me vistare un tempio buddista, deve esser un’esperienza proprio rilassante ed interessante!
    Non sapevo del Nuovo anno tibetano, sapevo solo di quello cinese, quindi è stato davvero interessante leggere tutte le informazioni del tuo post, e poi tu sei deliziosa cara Denise!
    Mi piace tanto il tuo vestito (io ho un debole per i maxi dress), i bangles e soprattutto la treccia con il fiore tra i capelli, sei bellissima e dolce!
    Sono contenta di sentire che stai un pochino meglio ora, ero un pò preoccupata perchè le scorse settimane sembravi proprio giù ed io non sapevo proprio che fare per aiutarti…
    Tashi Delek cara Denise! 😀

  9. These were interesting facts about the Tibetan New Year. New Year is my favorite holiday, I always loved celebrating it. You look so beautiful Denise, love your dress and can’t stop looking at your yellow bag, so pretty color. Wish you a wonderful week ahead.
    Nina’s Style Blog

  10. I’m always up for learning new things. I was always fascinated by traditions. All cultures have their own beauty, their own traditions that are well worth preserving…and I think we should take any opportunity to celebrate…and we should always celebrate life! Happy Tibetan New Year!

    You look so gorgeous in that dress. Lovely wedges and manicure! I really like the yellow bag. The yellow pedant on your necklace matches nicely with the bag. So cool you made that mandala pedant from a pair of earrings! You’re very creative.

  11. Hi Denise, this post is very interesting like all the other that you write and teatched many positive things for us. Thanks for your lessons. I loved especialy the facts 2 and 3. I want to wish Tashi Delek for you and to say that are very beautiful facts. The Wind carry the prayers to all is a very nice and beaultiful thing.

  12. Denise, you look so beautiful my baby! I totally adore how you teamed that jacket with that dress. I love that yellow handbag too, its lovely..! Those bangles are so beautiful…..! And again this is very insightful post and before reading this, I wasn’t aware of Tibetans calendar. Thanks for this post…huni…! Kisses and kisses, Neha


  13. So glad to hear the visit to the temple helped recharge your batteries! And I just love reading your blog, Denise. I always learn something new! I knew nothing about the Tibetan New Year until now. It was so wonderful to read about. I really like knowing that this is the year of the Firebird. :) Lovely OOTD too!

    Hope you’re having a great week!


  14. Cara Denisa,
    non sai quanto sono felice di leggere che stai meglio. Nessuno ha il diritto di toglierti il sorriso. Tu sei importantissima per tutte noi che siamo tue fans e lettrici. Ci porti tanta allegria, crei dei contenuti speciali, interessanti e molto belli.
    Anche oggi ci hai raccontato di questo anno tibetano che non conoscevo e non puoi immaginare quanto mi è piaciuto. Ancora una volta ti dico che sei bellissima, questo vestito è un amore e le foto di questo tempio mi hanno conquistato.
    Un bacio e non smettere mai di scrivere.
    Maggie Dallospedale

  15. Oh oops! That was supposed to be on your post of wedding dresses! Not that these aren’t lovely dresses too haha. I love all the bright colours – I didn’t know a lot about tibetan New Year so it’s great to learn more here and to have you sharing info! x

  16. No sabia que los tibetanos tenian su propio año nuevo! (a veces me siento tan inculta leyendo tu blog, y es mas, agradezco haberlo encontrado porque una de las tantas razones por las que me encanta tanto es por lo que aprenda leyendo tus posts). El proverbio tibetando con el que cerraste el post lo amo, estoy casi segura de haberlo pinneado en algun tablero alguna vez en Pinterest. <3
    Tu look como seiempre es hermoso, lo que adoro de las wedges o plataformas es que te dan el toque de altura y "elegancia" de los tacones pero son mucho mas comodas! tus brazaletes de la India tambien son bellisimos!
    espero que estes pasando una linda semana, amiga!


  17. Hi Denise! I hope that it won’t sound weird, but I haven’t heard about TNY until now- personally I’ve celebrated in my whole life only New Year on Dec. 31st ;P Backing to the subject – it was really lovely to get to know something about TNY, sounds like it will be really positive and full of good vibes year, good to know that this year “will be belonged to” firebirds, from which for example Phoenix reminds me about awakening and some kind of rebirth. What’s more, you made terrific decision going to the temple -in my opinion spiritual experiences are essentials when you come through tough moments in your life, personally I had the same, so I totally understand you. What about your outfit you look so pretty, Denise (like always you do) and your yellow bag is just cherry on the top of this outfit, dear friend :)
    Take care, Denise! :)

  18. Ciao Denise!
    Non sapevo queste cose riguardo il capodanno tibetano… il tuo post è molto interessante, mi hai insegnato qualcosa di nuovo! Anche a me piacerebbe visitare un tempio buddista :-)
    Ti sta molto bene questo maxi dress e adoro i tocchi di giallo! La tua manicure è sempre super!
    Un bacio
    Paola ♡

  19. I have always imagined I would bee at home and comfortable in a Buddhist temple. I follow the Buddhist laws and that way of life myself, so it’s really nice to see your photos, Denise. The new year celebration sounds so cool, especially with the firebird.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  20. I didn’t know very much about the Tibetan New Year celebrations so this was a really interesting and informative read :) I love your nail art by the way, the monochrome design is so pretty x

  21. Since that time, Tibetan Buddhism practice in Tibet has been somewhat restored, and “Losar is now celebrated, though without the former ceremonies surrounding the person of the Dalai Lama.

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