5 Best Breakfasts in the World

5 Best Breakfasts in the World – well, it’s a matter of taste, of course… but here I show the best for me till now :)

Clementine's Coffee Shop Bewdley

Clementine’s Coffee Shop Bewdley – already finished the brownie :)

What kind of breakfast do you prefer? I’d love to know and if you have recommendations, too :) For me, “anything” will do, from the few things I like – I’ve already said that I am, unfortunately, a fussy eater. Some years ago I didn’t like to eat in the morning, but it seemed wrong for the body, so then I started having breakfast. Still sometimes I skip it and replace with brunch. I may have cookies, or cold pizza, or bread with avocado and cheese, or a piece of cake. Sometimes I have melon – twice a month? I know – that should be the rule, but changes take time :)

It’s difficult for me to write about “Food or Places'” recommendations… I seldom do it. I did it here, and that shows that I only do that when I’m really impressed! Well, now I was :) Therefore, this post :) Of course, tastes are different from person to person – those were my favorite breakfasts! And as I said, I gladly accepted recommendations!


1. Hilton Rio de Janeiro Copacabana, Brazil – I used to work for ABN-Amro Bank, so, Dutch. I wrote about this before, the bank used to transfer employees to some cities around the world. I was transferred for 6 months to Rio de Janeiro and enjoyed the hotel – I’m not such a fan of luxury places, I’m not a “hotel snob”, but I grant it was cool. The breakfast really met my taste – cakes galore, scrambled eggs or omelette (staff would prepare that in front of you, as you requested) and so many delicious things. That was great to start the day going to work seeing the sea and having some cakes :)
2. Starhotels Michelangelo Florence, Italy – Excellent! The hotel was very beautiful and they even had beans for breakfast, croissants and sweets, just what I like :)  Nice to start the day with energy to walk around Florence!
3. Vivaldi Hotel Montevideo, Uruguay – Beautiful rooms and nice breakfast. Nice Uruguayan cheeses and the scrambled eggs were sooo good! Soon I hope to be back there, since I’m planning a South American trip again!
4. The Falstaff Canterbury, England –  Literature lovers will recognize that (Sir John) Falstaff is a Shakespeare character in many of his plays. I wrote about Canterbury here, but not about the cozy lovely hotel – as I never do – but well, doing it now :) The breakfast was a good full English one, adapted to my vegetarian way, and the breakfast room was traditionally furnished, beautiful.
5. Clementine’s Coffee Shop Bewdleyso good, that I am dedicating a post to it! By the way, this is NOT a sponsored post – I just love that place and decided to write about it :)

I loved the place and friendly, welcoming staff. The owner, Sue, is lovely and she calls me “lovely beautiful lady with sweet soul” :) I feel humbled and in fact, she is that way! Warm atmosphere in the beautiful Georgian town of Bewdley, England. The lemon drizzle cake, freshly prepared home cooked food for breakfast, lunch or tea – one has to love it! Well presented food and good prices – try the cheese on toast, I love it! They have some floors and garden and you can book them for a party. They are happy to adjust the menu for you, if you want. The vintage boho decoration meets my taste and it’s like walking into a friend’s home; they always chat with you. Worth many visits!

Top, Jaeger. Jeans, Simply Be. Jacket, Fility. Satchel, LYDC

Top, Jaeger. Jeans, Simply Be. Jacket, Fillity. Booties, Louloux. Satchel, LYDC. Headband, I made it :)

I have a "uniform" for week days - jeans, top and I try to add nice details, like this beautiful Amaro necklace

I have a “uniform” for week days – jeans, top and I try to add nice details, like this beautiful Amaro necklace


Source here

Source here

Lovely fireplace tiles

Lovely fireplace tiles

I love this lemonade :)

I love this lemonade :)

Source here

Source here

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

Don't jugde people quote

Hope you have enjoyed it and I wish everybody a lovely week with many smiles!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments!

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46 thoughts on “5 Best Breakfasts in the World

  1. Hi denise, thank you for sharing five best breakfasts in the world! On weekdays I usually have a bowl of cereal, but on the weekend I make a bit more of an effort and would usually have french toast or cheese and cured meats with bread.

  2. You can’t beat a good breakfast and for me I love an English fry up! So unhealthy but so yummy :) Having said that when I go to France I absolutely adore a lovely pain au chocolat too. I hope you have a lovely week. x

  3. Beautiful photos! I love breakfast time it is my fave meal of the day. I am such a sucker for toast, I find the best thing about toast you can add whatever you like and it always tastes great :)


  4. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I’ve traveled a lot and the French, the English, and the Japanese are my favorite breakfasts. The Brazilian breakfast sounds delicious, cakes galore makes me one happy girl :) Loving that statement necklace Denise, you have to add a little flair to whatever you are wearing, especially if it’s a uniform. Look at all those lovely scones.

    • Wow, nice to know, dear Sam! I was transferred to Rio and Sao Paulo for a year and love to tour around, when I wasn’t working! I remember so well the nice time I had there! And I made some friends, when I left the bank some time later, back to Europe. So sometimes we visit each other – either in Amsterdam or Rio! And I do remember how much I loved the breakfast there :) Canterbury is ace, I really loved it! Thank you so much for your super sweet comment, you are also ace!

  5. Davvero originale ed interessante questo post, cara Denise!
    In effetti io mangio tanto a colazione, da sempre, è il pasto più importante della giornata ed è anche quello più abbondante! :)
    Io raramente la faccio fuori casa (capita solo se sto in viaggio),e la colazione qui in Italia è quasi esclusivamente dolce perciò: biscotti, latte, miele, marmellata, torta, frutta, succo di frutta… qualche volta, quando fa tanto caldo, mangio persino il gelato a colazione!^^
    Molto interssante ed utile la tua miniguida sui posti migliori per far colazione, me ne ricorderò! :)
    Ti auguro una splendida settimana, tesoro!

  6. Breakfast is my favorite meal, I always eat a lot, usually oatmeal with nuts and fruits and sandwiches of wholemeal bread with cheese and vegetables, and of course I always drink fresh made carrot juice and also thegreen tea.
    Thanks for sharing these places, I hope that in future I will have the oportunity to try the breakfasts in them.

    Have a nice day!:)


  7. LIebe Denise, das ist ein Post nach meinem Geschmack, denn ich liebe Frühstücken absolut! Und jetzt bin ich wirklich hungrig geworden, ich hoffe, dass ich alle 5 Orte besuchen kann, um dort zu frühstücken :) Deine Alltagsuniform ist sehr schön – so wie Du <3 Ich wünsche Dir noch eine tolle Woche!
    Liebe Grüße, Rena

  8. Hi Denise! Great selection of favourite places with delicious breakfasts around the world, dear :) Personally I remember that quite luxury hotel in Turkey which I visited with fiance 2 years ago has great delicious breakfasts in its offer – the same as in Hilton in Rio de Janeiro, the staff prepared omelette in front of you, as you requested (there were plenty of ingredients to add to the omelette like ham or mushrooms). Moreover, when it comes to breakfasts, I really like to prepare them on my own – I love sandwitches with guacamole or delicious salads with a lot of vegetables :) What’s more, I love your photos from Clementine’s Coffee Shop Bewdley, sounds like it’s great place to eat something delicious 😉
    Take care, dear friend :)

  9. Breakfast is certainly one of my favourite meals of the day that’s for sure! Along with 2-3 cups of coffee and lots of water, I enjoy a low sugar baked good (keen to try making my own home made ones) as I have a sweet tooth, or natural yoghurt with blueberries, a little honey and crushed nuts.

    Dates are also a nice sweet alternative to curb sugar cravings and also, they’re packed full of goodness too.

    Laura xo

  10. Happy Thursday Denise. These places sound lovely. I would love to check them out one day. I didn’t know, you have lived in Brazil too. I used to love any kind of sweet for breakfast with some cappuccino (yum) I missed that time.. Now I just have a slice of cheese and grapes or some other fruit . LOved the quote _ that’s so true. You look amazing in the photo from the coffee shop. I hope, you are having a lovely day.

    Nina’s Style Blog

  11. What a great, insightful and interesting post, Denise!! You are truly beautiful with brains!!I love reading your posts, they are so full of knowledge! Love them….!! Great recommendations ! And you look beautiful and your smile is so lovely sweetheart…Kisses and loads of kisses, Neha

    The Instyle Journal

  12. I happen to love this post Denise because coming from a family that loves to cook and entertain, food is always such an important part of many events in our lives. When I travel I tend to want to taste the breakfast options and compare, which is quite interesting. I prefer brunch but I love my mum’s full English breakfasts sans the pork since I am allergic.

  13. Thank you for sharing these recommendations. The best hotel breakfast I had was in Taormina, Sicily. I don’t remember the name of the hotel….I think it was Atlantis Bay or something like that. We were stationed there for one month when I worked for Wind Jet.

  14. food posts really are something for me these days, haha. okay, actually I’ve always loved good food and the best one in Estonia was in Kau Manor which we visited a couple of weeks ago. the three course dinner (I had beetroot and goat’s cheese salad, trout with sweet potato and dark chocolate-peanut cake) was just spectacular and so was our breakfast (I had porridge and pancakes, yum!). oh and their croissants were divine as well! I really wish their chef worked at our house, haha. anyway, it was lovely to read about your favourites and almost everything sounded like something I would also have 😉 oh and I’ve also tried Fentimans rose lemonade – it was good! I hope you’re having a wonderful week, dear Denise!

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