3 Ways | Stripes Style

3 Ways | Stripes Style I’m back after some weeks! It’s still a post about my days in February, in Ireland, so good to remember that! How has your month been?

Black top, don't remember; Bandana as neckerchief, Claire's; Striped top, Pennney's and floppy hat, H & M

Black top, don’t remember; Bandana as neckerchief, Claire’s; Striped top, Pennney’s; Floppy hat, H & M; Bad illuminizer!!!, Catrice and Chanel lipstick

I didn’t really want this title, “3 Ways | Stripes Style“. Some write “how to wear stripes” – not my way to write. I was on a “stripes’ phase” and pleated skirt in February; it was the Moon effect (here)!

The previous post featured Bushy Park – many outfit pics in Dublin were taken with it “behind me”! Bushy Park is in front of the flat’s patio. What for a great view and a beautiful way to start the day! I miss it :( Here’s the park in the winter (in January/February), but in 2014 I showed it in spring, lovely!

So, above was one of the three “3 Ways | Stripes Style” outfits. Now, to the others :)

You have altready seen this one here

You have already seen this pic here. Coat, Asos; Striped top and beret, C & A; Pleated skirt, my design; Wood marquetry bag, don’t remember and boots, Peacocks

Top, Penney's; Boots, Next; Waistcoat/Vest, my design; Headband, it's a scarf from Rzeszow, Poland

Top, Penney’s; Boots, Next; Waistcoat/Vest, my design; Headband, it’s a scarf from Rzeszow, Poland

Bushy Park view from the patio, Spring

Bushy Park view from the patio, Spring

Wishing you a sweet week, with smilesThanks for the nice comments, I love having you here!

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34 thoughts on “3 Ways | Stripes Style

  1. Hello, beautiful Denise!
    You look so stylish and cute, as always.
    I really like how you pair the beige coat with the black skirt and stripey top; it makes the entire outfit look so much more dynamic. I never would have thought to do that with beige. :o)

  2. Hello Denise! Glad to hear that you enjoyed your trip to Ireland, I see that you’re still smiling on photos, so this is the best evidence how wonderful your little vacation was :) What about my February it was ended in really sad way for me, because in my work were employees cutting and now I have to look for new job…But I was in few interviews from that time and I believe that everything will end good at the end, I need to be patient :) Anyway, I love your tree ways to style stripes- especially 1st one – it has Parisian chic vibe, I totally adore how you was wearing your coat as cape, great idea, dear friend :)

  3. Liebste Denise, wie schön, dass Du wieder zurück bist! Hoffentlich hast Du Deine große Reise nach Herzenslust genossen – auf jeden Fall siehst Du wieder wunderschön aus. Und ich muss ein wenig schmunzeln, denn auch ich liebe Streifenlooks sehr und trage sie sicher viel öfter als 3-mal in einem Monat :) Du hast Deine Streifenlooks ganz toll kombiniert und ich bin mir sicher, Du warst auch in Irland ein wunderbarer Hingucker <3 Ich wünsche Dir ganz und gar zauberhafte Ostern!
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  4. Fabulous striped ensembles! For a long time I rather shied away from stripes (they’re not always kind to my short, curvy body), but I’ve developed a deeper fondness for them in recent years, especially classics like Breton tops. It’s great to get more styling inspiration via your trip of lovely ensembles, dear Denise. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Have a beautiful Easter weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Welcome back! You’ve been missed Denise! You certainly know how to wear a hat. You style both with aplomb here. The floppy and the beret, I love them both equally. When a hat is worn well, it can complete the look of an outfit like no other accessory. Stripes. They’re a difficult pattern to pull off. If you’re not careful they can add width that isn’t really there. You look great though, and that first top with the narrow stripes is especially lovely. Kisses sweet Denise and happy Easter. Tx

  6. Hi Denise, so sorry it’s been a while. I’ve been so busy and just about managed to keep up with my own blog. I hope you have been keeping well and enjoyed your break away. We are definitely come up the season of stripes – they are perfect for spring/summer I think. I love the idea of having 3 ways to wear them – they are a really versatile trend I think. Happy Easter and have a great week!

  7. Hi Denise, wellcome back. I hope you really enjoyed your vacations. You really like much of Ireland, isn’t it? And make us very jealous with your photos in beautiful places. In February I also traveled but not to Ireland. My travel was to Salvador, Bahia.

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