25 Types of Trips

25 Types of Trips – so many, one for each personality type (or more than one!)

Finally back to full blogging mode!

Finally back to full blogging mode!

Yes, finally back to full blogging mode! I did miss it and missed blogger-friends! I said I’d be back around the 3rd week of July and this is now :) The title is a hint of why I’ve been a bit absent since April. I normally travel some months a year; travelling didn’t finish for me this year, not yet. But blogging now means I can breathe a bit right now and here I am again with an outfit :)

I was going to talk about some of my Rally Holidays, as I call some of my trips, and then found that I’m lately doing a lot of Selfie Holidays, as I called them – yes, when you don’t have a photographer-friend to show your outfits in details. Actually I moved quite a lot, and I tend to wear kind of a “uniform” during such trips, to be practical. Year after year (here and here) :) The same top or coat :) So there wasn’t much to show from the Selfie Trips now, apart from cultural things and landscapes, like the latest 2 posts. Also good :)

I’m having a glorious summer – not so hot, just a few days. I love to wear jackets and I’m able to do so :) Now, the 25 kinds of trips! I didn’t even know there could be so many!

Which types do you prefer?


1. The Weekend Break – the name speaks for itself :) Just a weekend :)
2. Detox break – name it Refuel as well :) Digital, busy life, whatever – detox!
3. Spontaneous Trip – You didn’t plan it, but suddenly – yes, let’s go right now!
4. Ecotourism – Safari, Jungle… get close to nature.
5. Glamping – A tad better than camping :)
6. Staycations – discover some things in the county, state, city you live :)
7. Honeymoon Trip – Soooo nice!
8. Family Holidays – The name speaks for itself :)
9. The Group Trip – Not like family holidays, a group of friends travelling.
10. The Solo Trip – A great trip! No time to wake up, no one to delay or rush you…!
11. All-inclusive Trips – You don’t need to worry about where to eat. All is there for you, because, of course, you have paid for that before :)
12. The Road Trip – Yes. 5,000 km or more on one trip :)
13. The Day Trip – and the name also speaks for itself :)
14. Long term Trip – Some months travelling.
15. Far away Trip – Long haul flights, but discovering so incredible things in, sometimes, countries with so different culture from yours.
16. Exchange Programme Trip – a year, a semester studying in another country.
17. The Gap Year Trip – before you face university or work, a year experiencing new things abroad.
18. Visiting Friends or Relatives Trip – again, the name speaks for itself :)
19. Business Trip – ditto; the name speaks for itself :)
20. Events’ Trip – Hen party, stag night, a new born to visit, a wedding, a birthday, a cooking class… so nice! :)
21. Shopping Trip – Ha-ha, that’s nice :)
22. Cruise – I love the sea!
23. Cultural Trip – Visiting museums, exhibitions, studying… I love that too!
24. Spiritual Trip – Looking for meditation, churches, temples or yoga, it’s really good.
25. Ancestry Trip – when you know some of your ancestors were born in a different city or country and you want to go there to feel connected and discover more about your family.
26. Sports-Fitness Trip – Yes, it’s the 26th, but the title was better like “25” :) Hiking, cycling, travelling specifically to work out :)


Pleated skirt, Bonneterie. Denim shirt worn here. Scarf worn as a belt, here

Pleated skirt, Bonneterie. Denim shirt worn here. Scarf worn as a belt, here

Floral black shoes, Missguided

Floral black shoes, Missguided

Tiger bracelet, Kenneth Jay Lane. Amber ring, from Gdansk, here. Live ring - I have Live and Love, but I don't where where Love was :)

French manicure with glitter nail polish. Tiger bracelet, Kenneth Jay Lane. Amber ring, from Gdansk, here. “Live” ring – I have Live and Love, but I don’t where where Love was :)

Gobelin clutch, a present from a very dear friend from Hong Kong. I added satin straps, to have it as a purse :)

Gobelin clutch, a present from a very dear friend from Hong Kong. I added satin straps, to have it as a purse :)

Such a comfy outfit!

Such a comfy outfit!

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

I read this last week from the sweet Ivonne's blog (here). It's brilliant!

I read this last week on the sweet Ivonne’s blog (here). It’s brilliant!

Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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47 thoughts on “25 Types of Trips

  1. I usually like the weekend trip away the most (a long weekend 3 days is best). I enjoy going away but only for short periods of time. I’d love to try a sports/fitness trip too. You look beautiful here, great to see your outfits again. I adore the touches of floral.

  2. Welcome back Denise. Put twenty-six kinds of trip! This is a true dictionary. You invented a trip of all kinds. Honeymoon trip is the best but there are some others good ones too, like Detox Break, Cultural Trip and Long Term Trip. This last one I never did but I intend to do it next year with my love. A nice week for you.

  3. I definitely love a detox trip and of course a shopping holiday! I hope you enjoyed your travels and it is good to have you back, I will look forward to reading your upcoming posts :) x

  4. Ciao cara Denise, è bello ritrovarti sul blog! :)
    Sono felice che tu stia passando una bellissima estate, viaggiare è senza dubbio il modo migliore per godersela! :)
    Io viaggio prevalentemente con la mia famiglia ma solo all’inizio ed alla fine dell’estate, perchè in questo periodo è affollato ovunque, ma in città si sta molto meglio!
    Certo viaggiare tanto tempo come fai tu deve essere veramente stancante, ci credo che hai bisogno di riposare! Io ho sempre fatto viaggi abbastanza brevi, massimo 20 giorni, mentre i miei genitori hanno fatto delle crociere anche lunghe più di un mese: non so se mi pacerebbe stare così tanto lontana da casa, però…
    Sei bella e dolce come sempre nelle foto, cara Denise, mi piacciono tantissimo i dettagli del tuo look, soprattutto le scarpe!
    Ti auguro una bellissima settimana tesoro! :)

  5. I am in desperate need to do an online detox but am currently powering through because I have dateline to meet until end of next month. I think my writing and blogging enthusiasm have been so mediocre the past month and even my husband has been telling me that my posts are starting to sound boring. :-(

    • Oh, dear Shireen, so lovely to receive your comment, always so sweet! I do understand what you are saying, since I – when I am a bit overwhelmed with the trips and so, neglecting the blog a bit – take a break from writing or posing for some time every year, but please tell your husband that I find your posts absolutely always very good, with humor and good tips and recommendations! Hope you have a very nice week!

  6. We often call our holidays ‘Nomadic holidays’ as we often go to one country but travel around spending a few days in each one- our honeymoon was one of those- we had 10 day Swiss Rail passes!

    • This is a great name, dear Kezzie, thanks for the sweet comment and for teaching me something again! Nomadic Holidays are great, for sure, and what for a great name! I am more or less in such a situation right now – I have a base, but move around :) I really loved the name, Kezzie! Hope you have a great week!

  7. so glad to see you’re back too! high five! haha
    I need a detox trip…maybe off to a spa or something. I kow ive just come back from holiday but stress levels are high at work :p
    love your skirt and your shoes! you look so pretty!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  8. Welcome back hun, I am also back into full blog mode and it feels great to be back :) It sounds like you had a fantastic time and I could do with all of those trips actually . Loving your OOTD and your hair, always looks so gorgeous like you xx

  9. Bellissima Denise, ti vedo così felice in queste foto e sono contenta cge tu stia passando benissimo la tua estate viaggiando.
    Io amo viaggiare, ma da quando lo faccio per lavoro, mi stanco troppo (sarà la mia età… non sono più giovane jajaja).
    Ancora una volta mi hai fatto innamorare della tua eleganza e della tua classe.
    Sei davvero bellissima e quelle scarpe le amo.
    Un bacione
    Maggie Dallospedale

  10. Hi my lovely Denise! :) I have no idea that there are so many types of trips, ha 😀 After looking at this list, I noticed that my vacation wasn’t just “holidays”, but detox break to rest and to reduce level of stress, which was higher and higher. Personally I love staycations trips – it’s always good idea to get to know your city or city which you love better or to feel like a tourist, who wants to see real face of particular city. :) What’s more, I’m glad to see that you back to full blogging mode, I missed you, my dear friend, you’re always so sweet and so positive. Moreover, I love your shoes, they’re terrific and they have my favourite floral print <3 Take care my dear! :)
    PS: I'm amazed on this quote too, it's truly amazing. :)

  11. I like them all except the ‘business trip’ .. those are often hard and exhausting. I’m currently on a ‘family’ trip visiting my family in Montana. Weather is quite warm, the state is having a beautiful summer.


  12. Welcome back to full blogging, my dear Denise. Well that’s quite a lot of different kind of trips, any of thse would be pretty much appreciated here, lol. I want a vacation. I need a vacation, I badly need a vacation. I desperately need a vacation. Did I tell you that I need a break, lol. Love your outfit, Denise, and them shoez!!!! and I am ogling at that tiger bracelet. Gosh! that bracelet is fantastic. Sorry to hear about the bad experience with that air company, hope you’ll can sort it out. Happy hump day, beautiful friend of mine.
    new look: Gingham Girl

  13. Querida Denise
    Como sempre mais um post impecável, de muito aprendizado para mim.
    As imagens são lindas e o texto um espetáculo.
    Não pude deixar de compartilhar pois é inspirador.
    Bjs boa quinta -feira

  14. Liebe Denise, wie schön Du wieder aussiehst und Deine Schuhe sind echt ein Traum! Ich musste jetzt schmunzlen, denn ich sehe, ich kann noch einige Trips machen, die in dieser Sammlung noch fehlen :) Ich bin vorher gar nie darauf gekommen, dass man Trips auch so passend benennen kann, danke, dass Du diese Wissenslücke von mir gefüllt hast! Ich wünsche Dir von Herzen noch eine wunderbare Restwoche. Liebe Grüße, Rena

  15. Hello My Friend. words can’t express how busy I’ve been but I’m so happy I stopped by today to check out what you are up to and drop you a few lines. I am horrible at returning emails but just know one long interesting and detail oriented email is coming your way sometime really soon my friend. I love spontaneous trips and right now I really need a long term trip, I can work from anywhere so it’s something to think about. Loving your shoes, but like always your smile is the star of the show.

  16. You’re right – there are definitely lots of different kinds of trips! I’ve just been on a “visiting friends” trip but hopefully there will be many more soon :) Shopping trips are usually my favourite!


  17. A me piacerebbe così tanto viaggiare! Li proverei tutti questi 25 tipi di viaggio! Purtroppo attualmente non mi posso permettere neanche una gita di qualche giorno, causa lavoro! >.> Spero un giorno di poter riuscire a viaggiare e visitare posti nuovi e interessanti!

  18. You look so beautiful in your outfit! I wish I could travel more but I just don’t have the time with work and family. The other travel I do is for baseball with my teenage son. But it doesn’t allow me to do the things I want to do. Hopefully, when he graduates I will be able to do more traveling again. Thank you for the tips of the different types of trips. I didn’t know people travel for all those reasons. :)

    • Hi, thank you so much for the sweet comment! Please don’t worry about visiting blogs, I know you have 3 kids and that can’t be easy! I tried to check your blog out some weeks ago and it said it was not working? I don’t know, hope it was a temporary problem or at my end. Hope you have a lovely weekend

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