20 Valentine’s Day questions

20 Valentine’s Day questions – it may seem so common, but I liked it!

Just a suggestion of outfit for Valentine's Day  :)

Just a suggestion of outfit for Valentine’s Day :)

I confess that I’m not such a fan of Valentine’s Day. But Happy Valentine’s Day to everybody! Because, on the other hand, when it approaches I start feeling happier :) And a bit pensive as well. That was the last day I talked to my beloved father.  I am “the” only daughter. He always gave to my mother and to me Valentine’s Day presents, so that I felt cared too. So lovely, I could never forget this – it’s symbolic to me, now.

In the past, mostly because my grandmother and parents were so elegant, I didn’t wear pink and didn’t even know we could wear rings or clothes with hearts (not that these things are not elegant, but they were considered tacky, then). For a long time, I didn’t like those things. But now I kind of like them. That’s why here comes a suggestion of Valentine’s Day look :) And a questionnaire – a mix between the lovely Ashley’s blog post and this one, very cool, too. I’d love to know your answers! Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?


1. Have you ever been deeply in love? Yes! I am right now!

2. Kisses or Hugs? Hugs, but can I say both?

3. Candy or Flowers? Uh… may I say both again?

4. Baking or Cooking? Mmm… both, too?

Heart hair pin

Heart hair pin

5. Do you remember your first kiss? Yes… so embarrassing, but somehow, a bit romantic.

6. Would you date someone who’s well known for cheating? In the past, maybe, but today, I don’t think so.

7. What’s the most important part of a relationship? Good humor, consideration, care, patience, listenting to and supporting each other, respect for each other’s personalities and views, in my opinion.

8. Red or Pink? Red, my favorite color, but pink is sweet :)

Look of the Day - Jeans, SimplyBe. Jacket, Filiti. T-shirt and tunic, Dafiti.

Look of the Day – Jeans, SimplyBe. Jacket, Filiti. T-shirt and tunic, Dafiti

Since it's a day for flowers, I went to a big flower shop, with lovely views and a sweet cafe

Since it’s a day for flowers, I went to a big flower shop, with lovely views and a sweet cafe

9. Milk, White or Dark Chocolate? Milk and white can be as well :) I hate dark chocolate.

10. Do you believe in love at first sight? Maybe…

11. Favorite Chick Flick or Romantic Movie? So many… loads of old Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies too, but if I have to name some, The Holiday, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility…

12. Stay In or Go Out? To go out we have to stay in first, mmm? Joking :) So, both are good :)

Valentine's Day nail art - hearts with rhinestones, pink and red nail polishes. Hearts rings. The camera one was a present from Dress Lily, so cute!

Valentine’s Day nail art – hearts with rhinestones, pink and red nail polishes. Hearts rings. The camera one was a present from Dress Lily, so cute!

Pearls are nice for V-day! Pendant from the Tristan Narvaja fair in Montevideo. Russian hand painted heart brooch. And a symbol of lovefrom Wales, a love spoon brooch

Pearls are nice for V-day! Pendant from the Tristan Narvaja fair in Montevideo. Russian hand painted heart brooch. And a symbol of love from Wales, a love spoon brooch

13. Favorite color of Roses? Peach color. And they are my favorite flowers, by the way.

14. Do you leave love notes? Sometimes, but not on Valentine’s Day.

15. Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? No. But maybe I’ll do it in the future, who knows.

16.  Do you believe it’s possible to fall in love on the internet? I guess so.

Shoes with hearts, TDS

Shoes with hearts, TDS

Lulu Guinness clutch

Lulu Guinness clutch

All over the place, ponds and manicured gardens

All over the place, ponds and manicured gardens, with many interesting species of plants – many for sale!

17. Are you currently in a relationship? Yes, for many years.

18. Do you think people who have dated can stay friends? It depends on the situation, but I guess so.

An Indian corner of the garden

An Indian corner of the garden

Buddhist peaceful garden

Buddhist peaceful garden

19. What do you notice first about another person? Probably eyes and smile. But hair too :)

20. Do you consider yourself romantic? Some people say I am, probably because of my floral outfits preference, but I think I am not :) Well, but thinking of that, maybe sometimes :)

Hope you have a nice week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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44 thoughts on “20 Valentine’s Day questions

  1. Hello my sweet Denise!
    Such a lovely place to visit!
    Beautiful garden and ponds!
    Love your outfit and the accessories!!
    I really enjoyed reading all your answers!
    Happy Valentines Day to you and your beloved one!!❤️💐
    Polla Filakia agapimeni mou fili!!!!

  2. this was a fun tag to read! I love Valentine’s Day but I’m also relaxed about it, I never have big expectations of this day but I like to take it as an opportunity to celebrate a bit, celebrate love, life, perhaps cook something especially delcious.

    Your outfit is so lovely. I love how you styled that tunic over jeans. Your manicure with hearts is simply perfect.


  3. How beautiful and sad that your Dad gave you a Valentine’s present – what a lovely lovely memory for you Denise. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s day at all – it’s just an over commercialised extravaganza for teenagers and neither of us are very romantic. But tomorrow is Pancake Tuesday – now that IS worth celebrating hahahaha I love your shoes by the way xx

  4. Lovely post hun, I really enjoy personal tags on blogs, I feel like they help us to get to know you a little better, which is awesome! :) To be honest with you, I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day either but I don’t mind it overall. Me and my partner are both working, so we might order some takeout and have some wine in the evening (any excuse!), but we don’t really do gifts. Loving the outfit hun, you look so gorgeous! xoxo


  5. Anche a me piace San Valentino cara Denise, che sia single o fidanzata non importa!
    Io la considero la festa dell’amore e credo si bello festeggiare un sentimento così bello ed importante una volta l’anno!
    Sai che anche a me mio padre compra le le rose a San Valentino (oltre che a mia madre s’intende)? Io lo trovo un gesto davvero dolce, e magari è èer questo che non considero san Valentino una festa solo per le persone fidanzate.
    E poi mi piacciono tanto tutte le cose rosa, rosse e a cuori che vendono in questo periodo, quindi come potrei non amare questa festa?
    In ogni caso sono contentissima di sentire che sei felice ed nnamorata, ti auguro un San Valentino fantastico e super dolce! 😀

  6. Que post mas divertido! Me gustó mucho leer tus respuestas, algunas me las imaginaba, otras no las sabía, como tu color favorito de flores o tus películas romanticas favoritas. :) Creo que coincidimos en las de Jane Austin! Me rei con la pregunta numero 16 por obvias razones 😉 A la cual yo hubiese respondido y un firme y seguro si 😉 Ame la manicura, perfecta para la ocasión!
    Que tengas una linda semana, amiga!


  7. Love your Lulu clutch, beautiful jewelry and this fabulous shoes with hearts on them. I am sorry that this is an emotional holiday for you with some melancholy. My favorite books or movies are all from Jane Austen. So I agree with you there – as for red or pink I would just say both! I like Valentine’s Day even though it is rather commercial. It is a great excuse to give and receive gifts, and to eat chocolate too!
    have a great day sweet friend.

  8. All those fun accessories and as usual your spectacular nails!

    Fun post.

    We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day as we met on Feb 16th so we normally celebrate that instead. As we are going onto 29 years together we don’t go as wild as we did in the past. I’m okay with saving some money for travelling instead.

    Hope you have a great week!


  9. Querida amiga
    Pra começar esta linda nesse blazer preto.
    Vou fazer um resumo de minhas respostas para estas perguntas tão inteligentes.
    Eu acho que o amor é lindo mas prefiro a paixão, o primeiro beijo foi horrível e confuso.
    Amor a primeira vista? acho que não paixão a primeira vista seria melhor.
    Abraço é bom demais, nos meus namoros nunca fui muito grudenta.
    Leite não gosto, adoro chocolate bom e que não seja muito doce e prefiro o ao leite.
    Filme preferido UMA LINDA MULHER ja vi umas vinte vezes.
    Rosa ou vermelho? Rosa só com outras cores entre um e outro é vermelho.
    Adorei saber que seus pais eram elegantes viu. Você também é uma inspiração.
    Bom fim de semana

  10. Happy Valentine’s Day Denise! That questionnaire was good! I believe you can fall in love on the internet as Adam and I did about 10 years ago now :) You can really get to know someone when forced to write and type! That’s really sweet that your dad used to do that and give a present to you too, very kind, I’m sure those fond memories hold a big place in your heart :)

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  11. Liebe Denise, ich habe es geliebt, Deine Antworten zu lesen! Es ist so wunderbar, dass Du so liebst und auch in einer so guten Partnerschaft bist! Ja, manchmal ist die Wahl nicht leicht – wobei ich im Gegensatz zu Dir eindeutig lieber koche. Backen habe ich im Laufe der Jahre verlernt 😉 Du siehst wunderschön aus, ich mag Dein heutiges Outfit sehr, Du siehst immer so wunderbar aus und alles mit Blumen steht Dir einfach. Daher bin ich nicht überrascht, dass die Leute glauben, Du bist romantisch. Ich bin übrigens auch gar nicht romantisch :)
    Liebe Grüße, Rena

  12. Oh what a sweet idea for a post! I’m sorry Valentine’s Day is a little painful with you as you no longer get gift from your father, that would be hard.

    it was nice reading your responses to the questions though :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful week. The heatwave continues here unfortunately, so uncomfortable!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  13. What a great post Denise. I know many people who hate Valentine’s Day, they say it’s so commercialised, but to be honest, I think it’s not more commercialised just as Easter or Christmas, Halloween, etc. with trees and decorations, so I don’t get hung up on it. I don’t mind it at all. I think you can take it and celebrate it as you want. My boyfriend and I celebrate Valentine’s Day in our own way, it’s not as traditional as others but every day is pretty much Valentine’s Day for us in celebrating and loving each other. Enjoy the weekend.

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