1001 nights

1001 nights, not the tales, but the number of days this blog is on :) I’ve been blogging since 2005, and had older blogs than this one, though I never celebrated one year, two, 10, but since this nice number falls today, why not? :) Besides, I love the 1001 nights tales :)

Who says we never wear clothes after 10 years - when I bought that top? This was the first time I wore it, last week!

Who says we never wear clothes after 10 years – when I bought that top? This was the first time I wore it, last week! Blue head piece, gifted

This post isn’t only about the 1001 nights of the blog – it would be too superficial. There are more important things in life – t’s about MOVEMBER, the movement about Men’s health. As October is for women, with pink, November is for men, with blue. The Movember Foundation is a global charity committed to men living healthier longer lives. Since 2003, millions have joined the men’s health movement, raising $650 million and funding over 1,000 research programs. To honor the movement, I’m wearing a blue outfit and accessories.

And because of the latest events in Paris :( I won’t post about the 1001 days’ celebrations today. It has to wait till next Monday. This week I probably won’t post on Thursday. I don’t want to post about cakes and clothes when so many innocent people died. By no means I’m saying people shouldn’t post about fashion today. It’s just my feeling, I respect other opinions, life has to go on. The post today was scheduled, so it goes on air this way. My thoughts are with Paris, hoping they keep strong.

Paris Liberte Egalite Fraternite

Source here

Source here

And the outfit

Vest/waistcoat, my design. Tops, Asos (grey) and H & M (blue)

Navy vest/waistcoat, my design. Tops, Asos (grey) and H & M (blue). Jeans, Blue Steel

I love black nail polishes! Blue bracelet, blue rings - Quincy and some I don't remember

I love black nail polishes! Blue bracelet, turquoise and silver rings – Quincy and some I don’t remember

Loved this silver necklace! The top has nice details

Loved this silver necklace (Quincy)! A boho, gypsy feeling! The top has nice details

Shies, with nice wooden heels

Shoes Lov’it, with nice wooden heels

Don't remember where the bag is from, only that I bought it in San Diego

Don’t remember where the bag is from, only that I bought it in San Diego

I added this charm with my name :) From Galeria Kaufhof. Mini lip gloss, Bourjois

I added this charm with my name :) From Galeria Kaufhof. Mini lip gloss, Bourjois

Hope you have a great week, with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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82 thoughts on “1001 nights

  1. I respect your wish not to post due to the tragedy. For myself I feel the need to carry on posting, to show that I won’t let my life be dictated by terror.
    But I do moan the lives lost and feel the pain of the necessary violence.

  2. Hi Denise, look I’m here again.I spent some time away from blogging but I’m back here. Which varied post is this! I loved it. First, congratulations for its many years of blog. After, the memory of the 1001 nights you spent entertaining people with your tales, although not those of the 1001 nights certainly were lovely stories. It’s always good to learn and you do it very well here in this blog. Congratulations on your engagement on men health campaign. I am also in this campaign. On the cover of my facebook throughout this month is alluding to this campaign. Finally, solidarity is too often neglected and you have a lot of sensitivity to not post on clothing or beauty when so many were killed unjustly in the birthplace of democracy. A great week for you.

  3. Oh, those shoes! I adore shoes with wooden heels!

    Yesterday, I went through a drive through coffee house and when I got home, I noticed that the barrista stuck a black mustache over the drink hole. I thought it was so cute, but didn’t make the connection. Thanks for the Movember reminder!


  4. First of all, congrats on 1001 night of your blog, dear Denise :) What’s more, when it comes to Paris, I’m also still in shock, rest in peace for all of the victims, which were killed there, I pray for the peace in the world, because it’s priceless and I hope that these terrible events like this one in Paris will come to an end as soon as possible. Futhermore, I haven’t heard about Movember, I have to read about this and I’ll definately join to your blue campaign, dear :) Have a great evening, dear friend :)


  5. I have a top that I bought when I was in my early 20s that I have yet to wear until today so you’re not alone in that, Denise! LOL! I respect your refusal to post, Denise, we all show our respect towards Paris tragedy in our own way.

  6. We are on the same wavelength today. Fashion and style just seem so frivolous. It doesn’t by any means mean that we are letting the terrorists win if we choose to reflect on how precious life is instead of the clothes we are wearing.

    I applaud you post and congratulate you on your blogging achievements. It takes a strong determination to continue for that length of time. I’ve also been blogging that long and know how much time and effort it takes.


  7. congrats on your 1001 nights blogging….it takes a lot of effort and dedication to keep a blog running for a long time….

    I love your blue outfit…your accessories are perfect, I do love those rings…….and so cool you’re dedicating it to another important topic.

  8. I’m glad you have raised the issue of mens health as I think sometimes we forget it when it is equally as important as womens health. I haven’t seen too many people sporting a moustache yet but i haven’t really been looking either. I know what you mean about Paris and I debated whether to write my blog post but I felt like there is already so much in the media about it, i didnt want to add to it, I just wanted to acknowledge it personally. Anyway, congratulations on your blog Denise, I had no idea you had been blogging for so long!

  9. Beautiful post, dear heart! You are right: Life must go on and I agree: It is saddening what had happened in Paris. Praying for humanity! It is a pity that religion doesn’t unite us all but instead causes war! It really makes me sad.
    You, on the other hand, make me happy! You are such a happy and bright person! Sending you much love!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  10. That’s so fantastic, dear Denise! What a cool, original blogging milestone to celebrate. You and your blog are both a true delight, source of inspiration and beauty, and bright spot on the blogging landscape. Thank you for all that you do here and the many lives you touch throughout the online community.

    Here’s to the next 1,001 nights (and days) of blogging to come!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  11. Ciao Denise!
    Complimenti per il traguardo raggiunto con il blog, stai facendo un ottimo lavoro, continua così! 😉
    Mi piace molto il tuo outfit in blu, adoro i tuoi anelli e la collana!
    Anch’io sono molto triste e preoccupata per quello che è successo a Parigi… rivolgo un pensiero e una preghiera ogni giorno per quelle povere persone :-(
    Un bacio
    Paola ♡

  12. Innanzi tutto io sono contenta che tu stia finalmente bene, cara Denise, questa è la cosapiù importante!
    Poi tantissime congratulazione per i 1001 post, è un bel traguardo per te e per me che grazie al tuo blog ho potuto conoscere una bella persona fuori e dentro come te!
    Sei deliziosa tutta in blu ed hai degli accessori favolosi! Adoro la tua collana e gli anelli! E lo sai che quando andavo al liceo avevo lo stesso portachiavi con il nome attaccato allo zaino?^^
    Certo i fatti di Parigi sono terribili ed ammiro il tuo rispetto per il dolore delle vittime, sei sempre dolce e sensibile!

  13. Congratulations on 1001 nights of your blog!
    I’m so sad due to what happened in Paris lately…
    You look lovely in blue and this movement about men’s health is really great organisation, I haven’t heard about it before.
    Have a nice day!:)

  14. Wow Denise, I had no idea you had been blogging for so long! That’s amazing, and blogs prior to 2005 too! Goodness! I love your sentiments here about the tragic events in Paris last Friday. I couldn’t believe the news that I was reading that night. Paris is perhaps my favourite capital city. I got engaged there and I have French relatives. Those events were horrendous. My heart goes out to all those affected. It seems trivial to comment further now but life goes on and so it should to show that terrorism never wins. A lovely post and beautiful clothes showcased as always. Your rings in particular are always a highlight for me. Kisses dear Denise. Txx

  15. Awww that is awesome Denise. Congratulations on your 1001 blogging nights. That is amazing. You have been in the blogging world for so long. No wonder you have great experience and your posts are so entertaining 😀 You look beautiful as always. Love the outfit! The necklace is really pretty :) Keep smiling and have a nice day Denise 😀

  16. Liebe Denise, was in Paris passiert ist, ist und bleibt schrecklich und ich danke Dir, dass Du Deine Gedanken zu diesem Horror hier teilst. Es gut mir trotzdem gut, zu lesen, dass es Deinen wunderbaren Blog schon 1001 Nächte gibt (heute sind es ja eigentlich 1003), denn ich mag Dich und Deinen Blog sehr. Meinen allerherzlichsten Glückwunsch und mein Kompliment dafür, wie schön Du heute wieder aussiehst. Auch die Kette ist einmalig schön. Hoffentlich geht es Dir wieder gut soweit <3
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  17. Wow, Denise, felicitaciones! No cualquiera puede decir que cumple 1001 noches de bloguear. Entiendo totalmente porqué no quieres postear sobre celebraciones justo en estos días y lo respeto mucho, los ataques a Paris fueron un ataque al mundo entero. También aprecio que crees consciencia sobre Movember, ya que no es tan conocido con el Octubre Rosa y ambos son igualmente importantes.
    Como siempre, te ves divina en ese outfit, el statement necklace es hermoso y le da un toque chic al outfit casual.


  18. Hi sweetheart, omg congrats on 10 years+ blogging. I think you should celebrate your big anniversary anyway. I’m really sad and heartbroken over the events in Paris. They have attacked everyone that loves peace and freedom. As sad as it is bad things happen everyday. We shouldn’t let the terrorists win. They want to make everyone feel miserable because they are. Wish you a happy Thursday Denise! Let’s pray for Paris and everyone that suffers from war.

  19. Hello dear Denise! Life is very difficult, there is a lot of joy and sorrow. But we must be strong! And have the strength to take care of peace and prosperity! 1,000 days – it’s a good number. I wish your blog has many thousands of days, because he is very good!

  20. Congratulations on your 1001 days of the blog — you’ve been blogging for quite some time Denise. Ten years is a massive feat, I don’t think I know many bloggers who have been blogging that long. You are also so wonderful to raise awareness about Movember, my father and bf even takes part is raising awareness for it. Many blessings to you dear. xx/Madison

  21. Hi deary Denise. Congrats on 10 years blogging :) I believes, you’ve learned so much of blogging:). As we know is not easy to keep it on going but you do:). I finally got time to post since last our chit chat:). Love that you’re doing support the world:). It’s kind of sad to see the innocent people die on the pass days in Paris. As i am living in the U S, we sure do aware of this situation could happening anywhere and anytime. Love the blue head to bottom; such a beauty look:). Wishing you a wonderful weekend:). See you on my next post my lovely Denise.
    Oxox Tanya,

  22. hi denise! Congrats on 1001 nights of your blog! what an amazing outlet to have for so long! I’m glad I get to read along with your adventures now! Really love your outfit, and love that you have your own designed pieces! the things that have been happening in the world lately are so devastating, and it is good to reflect on ourselves every so often to really be thankful for everything we have! i hope you have a fantastic weekend Denise, and take care! xo

  23. Wow Denise, 10 years of blogging, that’s amazing! Happy Blog Anniversary to you and your blog, and may you continue to blog for a long time yet 😉 I know, the events in Paris were so devastating, I’ve actually made an effort not to think about it, but they are never far from my mind. What a heartbreaking event, indeed. I’m actually going to an exhibition next week in support of Men’s Health, it’s an issue that can be overlooked a lot of the time, but we should never dismiss such issues. Hope you’re having a great weekend, Denise!

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

  24. Realmente o que aconteceu na França, é algo que todos nós lamentamos profundamente. Só nos resta acreditar que um dia, toda essa intolerância vai acabar, e que as pessoas vão ter mais amor no coração, e não tanto ódio. Força para todos os franceses que estão passando por tudo isso.
    Querida Denise, parabéns pelos seus 10 anos de blog, e que o seu espaço tenha cada vez mais sucesso!!! Adorei o seu look em tons de azul, ficou lindo!! Beijos <3

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