100 Years of Magazine Covers

100 Years of Magazine Covers, or How Magazine covers have changed over the past 100 years… from illustrations to seductive photos, witnessing and showing the world changing!

I think this kind of picture fits in one of the covers' style :) Please don't mention the under eye circles - I am having a very busy and tiring August!

I think this kind of picture fits in one of the covers’ style :) Please don’t mention the under eye circles – I am having a very busy and tiring August!

100 Years of Magazine Covers is a book covering the changes of magazines’ covers in the western society. First publishing illustrations, later top models, celebrities like actresses and reality TV stars, including Caitlyn Jenner.  Now a very nice photo project shows how influential magazines have changed over the course of 100 years.

It’s not only the covers that have changed. The way we read, as well. In the past, we had magazines, movies and TV shows. Now we have blogs, social media and digital magazines – some magazines only exist digitally, today. And more and more will be this way. “Nearly 40% of tablet owners read digital newspapers or magazines“, according to CNN. True, we do read things online. But I still like holding a magazine or a book. Call me old or old school :) I don’t do that very often now, but sometimes I still like a “paper magazine” :)

Do you prefer digital magazines, printed ones or a balance, like me?


Source here

Source here




Reading Elle Netherlands August 2017 in Utrecht. They now have a big sign saying the price is cheap. That shows they are aware of the changes... and digital competition!

Reading Elle Netherlands August 2017. They now have a big sign saying that the price is cheap. That shows they are aware of the changes… and digital competition!

Jacket, Fillity. Dress, Gudrun Sjödén

Jacket, Comedia. Dress, Gudrun Sjödén

The dress is not plain blue-green. It has some stripes :)

The dress is not plain blue-green. It has some stripes. The jacket too!  :)

Nail art with Dior nail polish, my favorite ones. Bracelet, Pandora. Watch, Swatch. Opal ring, from Bridgnorth. balone ring, from Hanover

Nail art with Dior nail polish, my favorite ones. Bracelet, Pandora. Watch, Swatch. Opal ring, from Bridgnorth. Abalone ring, from Hanover

With a sweet Abalo-Banana round bag

With a sweet Abalo-Banana round bag

I simply loved this bag!

I simply loved this bag!

I worn wearing it daily last week!

I worn it daily last week!

Velvet shoes, Amaro

Velvet shoes, Amaro

Shoe detail

Shoe detail

Necklace, Manoa

Necklace, Manoa

Checked double belt, Bourbon

Checked double belt, Bourbon

Mosaic brooch, bought in Firenze

Mosaic brooch, bought in Firenze

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week


Wishing a lovely week with many smilesThank you so much for your lovely comments!

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41 thoughts on “100 Years of Magazine Covers

  1. I studied graphic design in college and we did a study on the history of magazine covers. The magazines in from the 1920s were pretty basic and classy, then my favorite actress Audrey Hepburn graced the covers in the 50s and it seems like everything went off the rails in the 90, I wish we could have kept it more classy and upscale, it’s a little disappointing. I love your nails, Denise, super cute. And that bag is adorable.

  2. I love those shoes and that bag! you look incredible!
    Interesting to see how we have evolved in all senses these past 100 years. Fashion has changed so much, but also how we interact…the digital era has come to stay!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Your OOTD looks lovely :) I have to admit I read magazines a lot less than I used to. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I looked through one. I much prefer blogs these days!


  4. Love your outfit and all the little things that pull it together like fabulous jewelry and perfect nails.

    I was trying to go 100% digital, but found that when I read my tablet at night, I had a harder time falling asleep. So now I’m back to books and truly like them better.

    Hope you are doing well !! <3


    • Dear Monica, i guess we are kindred spirits! I always slept very very well (people say, too well :) and make fun of it), but for some time I started reading on a tablet or mobile and it took me many hours; I didn’t like it and now I sleep with these things far from me, and guess what? I re-started sleeping like before – “too” well :) Well done, books are so great! Hope you have a beautiful week! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! XXX

  5. Como sempre você me surpreende nos detalhes e nas cores.
    Foi muito bom rever algumas capas de revistas, me fez lembrar quando eu era adolescente e trocava revistas com as amigas do colégio.
    Eu gosto muito de ler na internet porém gosto muito de manusear uma boa revista.
    Se bem que sempre intercalamos digitais e no papel.Muitas vezes quando estou num consultório medico e vejo alguma coisa interessante nas revistas eu imediatamente fotografo com o celular,
    Parabéns pelas belas imagens e por me fazer relembrar coisas tão boas,
    Bjs excelente semana.

  6. What a change in Magazine covers! I wonder what ours would look like today if there were no photos! I love your beautiful dress, it looks so pretty and the bag has a lovely retro appeal too!
    And yes, to the Avocados!xxx

  7. Anche a me piacciono libri e riviste di carta, ma sapendo quanto fanno male al pianeta mi sono abituata a leggerli in formato digitale: all’inizio è un pò strano ma poi ti ci abitui e non noti più la differenza! E fai del bene a foreste e ambiente!
    Super carina ed interessante la selezione di copertine, e vedere come è cambiato l’aspetto delle donne negli anni, sprattutto nel make up e nei capelli!
    Tu dovresti decisamente stare su una copertina cara Denise! Hai un viso bellissimo ed un sorriso così dolce!
    Però mi piace tanto anche il tuo look, il colore del tuo abito è delizioso e ti dona tantissimo! E quelle scarpe sono… wow! 😀

    • Tate grazie, carina Silvia! Mi sento un poco con vergogna… ho detto che forse il stile della foto – solo il viso con sorriso – potrebb essere una copertina, ma non il mio viso :) Lo sai, ho, come ho detto, un po di vergogna :) Ma tante grazie per le tue dolce parole! Eh vero, aiutammo le foreste con digital reading :) Baci!

  8. Wow it’s pretty amazing to see all of those magazines. Although I don’t read magazines I am a huge book hoarder and although I do think magazines are turning more digital, I think books will last much longer in print. Very cool post Denise. I hope you are doing well.
    Simera |Beautetude

  9. What an interesting post! As I work within PR, and meet lots of bloggers and journalists for work, this was super interesting for me – thank you! Audrey is for sure my favorite cover! I wonder when we can start to see how the pattern has started to change within blogs, it feels like within blogs, the change is even faster. Now blogs have been widely read for what, 10 years? I can name at least a dozen of changes during the layouts during that time – it’s fascinating! Thank you for stopping by my blog, and leaving me such a kind comment!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  10. Liebe Denise, da hatte ich bisher noch gar nicht darüber nachgedacht, Du hast jedoch so recht, die Art der Magazin-Cover hat sich sehr verändert! Mein Leseverhalten von Magazinen allerdings auch. Früher habe ich oft bis zu 10 Magazine je Woche gelesen, jetzt lese ich maximal noch die InStyle :) Du siehst sehr schön aus mit Deinem Look und ich sehe nichts von Augenringen – auch wenn ich weiß, Du bist außerordentlich beschäftigt und sehr sehr fleißig. Ich schicke Dir alles Liebe!

  11. Its amazing how magazines have changed! I used to read fashion magazines all the time growing up in high school but stopped in the last couple of years because of all of the advertisements! I was looking thru one the other day as I was in a waiting room and the first 15 pages were advertisements and I had a hard time finding the table of contents page to find the article i was looking for… its gotten so much worse since i last remember!
    but the covers are really cool, and its so cool to see the evolution of trends and how it is now vs how it was acceptable before! thanks for sharing denise! hope you have a great weekend!

  12. Awwww them shoez!!!!! You always have the most divine shoes, Denise. I stopped buying magazines years ago. I got fed up with the amount of ads in there that I lost interest. Before you came to reading an article you had to go through about 20 pages of ads. Thank you, but No thx! I’ll saved the money and got me something nice once a year, like some pretty shoes or whatever for the price of them magazines :)
    hugs my beautiful friend
    new look: Pink It Up

  13. I have a Kindle but still get books from time to time as I don’t think you can beat a physical book. It’s a shame that magazines and books are slowly leaving us but it is exciting to see what the future will bring as well. x

  14. maybe I’m old fashion, but I like the old covers more. Somehow illustrations appeal more to me than the naked celebrities. Besides, we see celebrities on every ad…they are everywhere. I would be nice to have more covers that would be more artistic and less a copy of ‘celebrity culture’.

    your outfit is so chic and elegant…love it!

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