10 ways to wear scarves

10 ways to wear scarves – well, a bit more here, and certainly many more ways that I didn’t list now, but I liked the number :) Do you like scarves?

3 weeks later, this is how I am after the swine flu. Still weak, still eating some junk, but a bit better!

3 weeks after the swine flu… Still weak, still eating junk, but a bit better! Love the easy side bun!

Thank you all for the get well wishes! It’s not been easy, I’m still weak, still a fussy eater who eats junk, but slowly eating veggies; not much, but changing. Old habits are difficult to break :) Being a vegetarian since childhood gives me a narrow choice of what to eat, since the word vegetarian isn’t real for me – I don’t eat meat, but it doesn’t mean I eat vegetables. But I’ll change :)

I have been showing pictures of trips, when I then carry many scarves with me. I love scarves! They are so versatile! Here I am showing some old and new pictures of them :)

Scarves usual choices

People's most usual choices:

People’s most usual choices: Blanket and infinity (Penneys), thin and regular scarves (Bijou Brigitte, with simple knot)

Alternative ways for a scarf

Neckerchief, headband

Flamenco shawl, Liberty scarf as a headband, bandana (Claire’s) and neckerchief (Vivienne Westwood)

Kinds of knots for a scarf

Burberry ruffle scarf with regular knot; Hungarian necklace with a knot; Turkish knot - some call it French; European loop (Odd Molly), also known as Classic knot

Burberry ruffle scarf with regular knot; Hungarian necklace with a knot; Turkish knot – some call it French; European loop (Odd Molly), also known as Classic knot

Scarf as a kimono

Easy easy easy

So easy: get a bigger scarf-shawl or even 2 scarves together and just sew the ends  (10 cm-4 inches) or tie them. Ready!


Many of us live in excess

Many of us live in excess. We shouldn’t forget that the best things – in my opinion – are for free!

Wishing you a lovely week with smiles! Thanks for the beautiful comments!

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76 thoughts on “10 ways to wear scarves

  1. Hola Denise. Que bueno saber que te sientes mejor. Es verdad que hay menos opciones para los vegetarianos. Yo no sigo mas la dieta vegetariana por motivos de salud, pero ni bien se me pase ya no veo la hora de regresar otra vez a la dieta vegetariana.
    Tu coleccion de scarves es bien lindo, esa de flamenco me saco unos suspiros, es tan bonita! Me gusta como las usas. Yo tambien las uso como kimonos cuando estoy en el trabajo ya que el aire acondicionado esta a full (casi siempre uso bufandas o pañuelos jeje)
    Te deseo una semana bien bonita, productiva y bendecida. Mil besos!
    – Elsey

  2. I don’t think I could have come up with 5 different ways to wear scarves, never mind 10 – well, not without a struggle anyway. You do make me laugh Denise – you like the number 10, so went with it ;). I can’t say that I’m a big scarf wearer, except in Winter when I’m hardly without one as I feel the cold so badly. I love seeing you in a headband scarf. It pulls your hair back and shows off your pretty face. Hmm, now, if I had to choose a favourite look. Apart from the headband, I’d say the Infinity scarf. Hugs and kisses Denise, and keep building up your strength – great to hear you’re on the mend and continued good luck with eating more vegetables! Tx

  3. Awesome post and scarf collection, dear Denise. One of my absolute favourite way to sport a scarf is as a belt. Teaming one with a vintage shirtwaist dress is a happy “uniform” of mine the whole year through. :)

    Big hugs & happy wishes for the new week,
    ♥ Jessica

    • Dear Jessica, thank you for your nice comment, as usual! I love scarves repurposed as belts, I just didn’t want to saturate blogger-friends with pictures :) But I think it’s a lovely way to wear a scarf! And there are so many other knots! One day I may show more :) I loved your “happy uniform”, you are always so well dressed! Hugs, dear Jessica! And again thank you for the lovely comment!

  4. Sinceramente non ho mai pensato di indossare la sciarpa in modi diversi ! L’ho sempre messa attorno al collo come capita :) molto carino questo post xx


  5. So glad to hear you’re getting better Denise – I don’t think it matters what food you eat after such an illness, just as long as you eat something to get your strength back.
    I love the scarf tied as a headband – this is my way of hiding my grey hair when it needs coloured :)
    Great ideas.
    Have a good week
    Fil x

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment, dear Fil! I changed the way I eat a week ago, and in fact, I can say I feel a bit better. I guess I was too weak, I lost 7 kilos before the swine flu, but not because of any diet – I didn’t stop eating anything I liked, I may have been busier, so I burnt calories :) Now I am eating more veggies and fruits. I always wore scarves as headbands, I even have a picture when I was 15, already wearing them that way… it feels so like in the 1950s, a time I am sure I would have liked to be part of! The world is getting a bit mad now, but alas, it’s good to see all the changes, though some are not for better :) Ih, too philosophical, already! Hope you are fine and having a nice week! XXX

  6. Denise, glad to hear that you are feeling better! Please, do eat your veggies (this is the momma in me — I tell my son all the time :)). On a different note: Love the way your style your scarfs! I love wearing scarfs even during the summer so, these tips are super helpful, dear friend!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  7. Wow, I’ve only worn my scarf one way but you’ve inspired me to think about how versatile a scarf can be. I do love scarves because they can really complete an outfit.

    I hope you recover fully really soon and start to find some vegetarian foods that you really enjoy including lots more vegetables!

  8. Hello Denise :) First of all, I adore that quote – it’s so on point and it great shows, that there are so many things in life which are priceless, especially the things like emotions are not to buy! :) What about breaking habits, I know that it’s hard for you, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for yourself that you’ll change them and I’ll eat more healthy good :) And I had NO idea that you’re vegatarian – I have eaten meat for all my life and for this moment, I can’t imagine my menu without it. But maybe all is matter of habits 😉 When it comes to scarf, personally I’m huge fan of them too – especially on the winter or fall, I don’t go out without warm, blanket scarf! :)

  9. That flu really knocked the wind out of you. I hope you’re managing to feel a bit better every day.

    I have been a pescatarian since I was 15, (I eat some fish). Otherwise I haven’t eaten any meat since I was 15. If you aren’t careful that can cause problems with your blood as I discovered. My iron is very low and my B12 was almost non existent. I’m now taking supplements and getting B12 injections hoping it will bring my blood back to where it should be. Diet changes our body. Make sure you are giving it all the right fuel.

    I love all the ways you’ve tied your scarves. I’ve noticed you are a fan and since you travel so often they are perfect for so many different uses.


    • Dear Suzannne, thank you so much for your lovely comment and sharing about your lack of B12 with me – I am finally OK, concerning swine flu, and here I am to share my lack of B12 with you :) Since 9 years old I am a vegetarian and I am not pescatarian; that made me have anaemia since then. Because I live with that for so long, doctors said that my body kind of adapt to it – I fee more tired than other people, but I push myself not to. Concerning B12, I found out a year ago that I had “none”, so I was advised to get some injections and what did this hopeless case (me) do? Nothing. Shame on me! This year, though, after that flu, I will ask for injections soon! I got scared, I confess! Thank you so much again, for sharing that with me! I will try to improve – vitamins wise and not being stubborn :) Bisous!

  10. glad you’re feeling a bit better. a healthy diet sounds really sensible but pretty hard to do if you love yummy stuff hahaha! I must admit i rarely wear scarves since its so hot in my country but these different styles look great and you and I love that you change it up and style it many ways :)

  11. Liebe Denise, ich bin froh, dass Du doch auf dem Weg zur endgültigen Besserung bist und sei bitte nicht so streng mit Dir, weil Du auch noch das isst, was Dir schmeckt! Ich schicke Dir auf jeden Fall gute Gedanken <3 Schals habe ich viele, gebe aber zu, dass ich sie eher selten trage, auch weil meinem Mann es gar nicht gefällt, wenn ich Schals trage … Dir stehen Schals auf jeden Fall super gut und ich bin beeindruckt, auf wie viele Arten Du sie zu tragen weißt! Den Sidebun magich auch sehr an Dir <3
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  12. Hello Bellissima! How are you? so nice to be here in your beautiful space, I got a little busy, trying to balance work and family life plus so I took some days off.
    Anyways I am huge fan of scarf, so versatile and they always a nice touch to any look, I love the way you style them, thanks for the ideas.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  13. Love this Denise, and you know how much I adore scarves. I like your photos, and inspiration. Scarves are probably my most worn accessory since it’s incredibly versatile. Wishing you a lovely weekend! Hope you are well dear. <3 /Madison
    BBQ Tunes

  14. Hi Denise! Thanks for dropping those comments on my blog, I couldn’t check your blog in the past few months as I have been really busy with house shifting and all that stuff. I loved this post of yours, you are showing some great ways of styling scarves :-) Keep in touch.

  15. Love scarves and it’s the weather here where I am starting to wear them again. I usually go for the regular scarf and I have a large collection of them. Some wonderful ideas here I should try.

  16. Knot style is great! I actually have two scarves, one for winter and one just colourful although I don’t wear it very often at all – this gives me a lot more inspiration! Fantastic :) xx

  17. Glad to hear that you’re doing a bit better … have you tried to blend yummy fruits/veggies into a smoothie :-) It’s more of a treat than ‘eating vegetables’. Although when I’m sick, I will eat a box of strawberry pop tarts (so I know how you feel with being sick and eating junk). Nothing really tastes good, but somehow strawberry pop tarts (frosted or un frosted) ALWAYS taste good to me 😛

    Love all these scarf combos! I’ll have to try a few of these knots :-)


  18. Great post, I do not wear scarfs so much, but now I definitely will try one of this new way to wear

    If you want follow me on my blog, and I will follow you back :)

  19. I didn’t know you were a vegetarian, Denise! I’ve been a vegetarian for just over a year now :) best decision I ever made. Really glad you are recovering! I actually have a bunch of pretty scarves in my wardrobe that I keep forgetting to wear but they make a lovely accessory. I had no idea there were so many different ways to wear them, though, you’ve given me fresh motivation to get my scarves out, hehe :) x

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

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