10 Signs you might need (urgent) Holidays

10  signs you might need (urgent) holidaysUrgent is even a sweet word, desperately fits better!

Last weekend trip: a windy day (my hair shows it), went to a Buddhist Temple. I so needed that!

Last weekend trip: a windy day, went to a Buddhist Temple (will soon show here). I so needed that!

I wrote a post last week about why I try to write short posts. Not that I actually LIKE to write short posts – sometimes, not always. Shorter posts lack explanations for a better understanding, yes, but we can’t please everybody and should be true to ourselves, respecting people’s opinions. I like reading long or short posts, I always learn from blogger-friends. And I felt misunderstood again – then I misunderstood some blogger-friends, I think I’ve offended some. I feel bad about it, sorry if that happened. A current need to justify, explain myself showed me something… I often travel on weekends, but I need urgent longer holidays. Because I like helping, people usually take me for granted. “She’s strong, she can bear it”, “ask Denise, she’ll do it gladly” – I’m glad to help, but I’m not Superwoman. I miss my parents, my half brother passed away last year, I’m the one dealing with inheritance, lawyers, selling places and it’s all simply too much for me to deal with, I see it now.

So how can one tell if a holiday is urgently needed? These are the 10 signs that someone desperately needs holidays :) Please check the signs out, do they relate to you? I hope not!

Paseo Nuevo in San Sebastian, one of the happiest times in my life - March 2016

Paseo Nuevo in San Sebastian, one of the happiest times in my life, 2016. It feels like yesterday! :)

Unforgettable trips

In Prague, funny pic with the guards :)

In Prague, funny pic with the guards :) Bad quality pic, sorry, I tried my best to make it Okish :)

  • Every little problem turns to be big dramas – the tiniest of things can frustrate you, trying to explain, justify yourself… when the others didn’t mean to hurt you.
  • You start making mistakes, losing concentration and getting forgetful – things you do or say seem to be right, or at least you see it that way, but you leave dead ends. And you start putting some frozen meals in the fridge, when you meant the microwave oven. Not to mention throwing a mango in the bin and keeping the peel…
  • You get aggressive, bitter, cynical, impatient and angry for no real reason (and you are known for being kind and super patient).
  • Or you get over sensitive, crying a lot. Or the contrary – if you are normally a sensitive person and suddenly you watch a movie that would make you cry… and you don’t drop a single tear. It happened to me last week. That was a clear sign something was wrong :)
  • Your body sends signs to you, to slow down, cause you get easily sick.
  • You feel more nostalgic, in deep philosophical thoughts, you start daydreaming… and remembering previous holidays, childhood holidays… nice memories. You keep saying “I want to go there” more often than usual, when you see beautiful vacations’ pictures.
  • Nothing seems to make sense anymore. You seem to be losing yourself. You are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Things that you liked before, kind of start being bad for no reason. You don’t even care if you need to unload the dishwasher!
  • You feel easily offended, misunderstood, taken for granted and hurt and/or you misunderstand or offend others.
  • You change – from positive feelings to dark thoughts all of a sudden.
  • Nothing you eat seems to be good enough, even comfort food, or nothing at all is good enough.

And if you sit still, contemplating the walls or the telly without really paying attention to that… or if you fall fast asleep in an uncontrollable way… (It happens to me very often now), one of the cures for all the above mentioned symptoms is called “Book holidays NOW:) And that’s what I’ll do this week!

We don’t need to feel all the signs :) I guess 5 are already enough :) After I wrote this post, I felt much better! – I read and thought a lot and wrote this post on Bloglovin :)

This one is really funny, because I was the only one needing a chair to look past the wall... I'm short :)

Still Prague – I think I had the best funny poses there at the time… This one is really funny, because I was the only one needing a chair to look past the wall… I’m short :)

DIY Moment Cooking

Comfort food

I mentioned that when stressed some people turn to therapeutic activities… like painting, organizing the house, cooking comfort food… and that’s what I did! A week with nice dishes; I didn’t stop eating sweets, but at least I am slowly having healthier food  :)

Very simple spaghetti with courgettes, carrots and tomato sauce with double cream

Very simple spaghetti with courgettes, carrots and tomato sauce with double cream

Irish potato cakes

Irish potato cakes – recipe on Vegetabible

Irish breakfast: I am a fussy - and strange eater. I prefer raw mushrooms :)

Irish breakfast: I am a fussy – and strange – eater. I prefer raw mushrooms :)

3 tiered "almost naked" cake, with lemon mousse, chocolate frosting and crushed pralines

3 tiered “almost naked” cake, with lemon mousse, chocolate frosting and crushed pralines

With chocolate and cream, mmmm!

With chocolate and cream, mmmm!

Borscht soup - some say Borsch. Recipe on Vegetabible

Borscht soup – some say Borsch. Recipe on Vegetabible

Salad with rocket, lettuce, croutons and melon, with honey-mustard sauce

Salad with rocket, lettuce, croutons and melon, with honey-mustard sauce. Recipe on Vegetabible

Fake pizza with stale and cheese sauce. Recipe on Vegetabible

Fake pizza with stale and cheese sauce. Recipe on Vegetabible

Fake pizza slice

Fake pizza slice

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

Live your life wisely

Hope it was not too boring, to see this much food and a few old pictures :)

Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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56 thoughts on “10 Signs you might need (urgent) Holidays

  1. always good to take a break when life gets to be too much at times. I hope you’re feeling better now <3 I actually experienced all of these during my last job that is why I resigned and took a break for awhile. I just started with a new company and it's been exciting and fun :)

  2. My husband and I are in need of a relaxing vacation to Hawaii. He just took on a new job and he’s now in London this week. I may tag along on one of the trips to the UK, but it’s still a work trip for him. Oh, well .. we’ll get that tropical vacation soon :-)


    PS: would love a hunk of that cake !!!

  3. Good Morning, Denise, I am so sorry to hear about you’re not feeling your normal self today. I’ve just read your comment on my blog and I’ll send you lots of good vibes, my dear blogger friend. To me the above signs apply more to a deep depression than just needing a vacation. Life really hasn’t treated you nicely lately, Denise, I hope with all my heart that it will turn to the better pretty soon. Try not to let anything get you down, keep still in mind that there are people who care about you, who loves you. I am sending you big, comforting hugs, dear Denise. God bless you, girl.
    hugs hugs and more hugs
    New update: Black:Blush

    • Thank you so very much, dear Lenya, it really means a lot to me, your words, friendship and good vibes! I did check whether it would be depression or not, and it is not, thankfully. Depression seems to be – in the words of the doctors – more like someone doesn’t even want to get up or having a shower or talking to people, not to mention the person doesn’t even want to travel! So I am glad it was just – uh, just? – diagnosed as a burnout phase and as soon as I leave to a very wished next adventure, I will have time to think and refuel! But we always have to be attentive to our bodies tell us… Thank you so much for your lovely words, dear Lenya, again, they meant the world to me! Many hugs, too!

      • Now I am sorry, Denise, I didn’t meant you were having a depression, I meant, those 10 signs also apply to a depression, that’s what I meant to say. But I am glad to hear you are not having a deep depression, I really am. Denise I just went to your other blog, but I am sorry, I can’t leave a comment there because I am not on fb nor on any other social medias so I am not allowed to comment, lol. Anyway, I leave my comment here, if that is alright with you……So, quote*…sometimes, your content is not what matters, but your comment, cause it adds numbers to the posts. Sad, but true :(….unquote……..you can say that again, dear Denise. That’s exactly what has happened when I got private, all of a sudden the comments dropped from penthouse to henhouse, so to say, hahaha. I don’t mind, because all these bloggers weren’t really interested in my looks but only in getting traffic to their blogs, just like you said. Another big and hopefully comforting hug, my dear Denise. God bless you.

  4. Come stai cara Denise? Mi dispiace così tanto di sentirti così giù, sei una persona tanto dolce e sensibile, non te lo meriti proprio! :(
    Secondo me tu sei super stressata, e non penso che un viaggio, per quanto bello possa risolvere la situazione, perchè poi quando torneresti, dopo qualche settimana le cose tornerebbero ad essere di nuovo le stesse… Pittsto potresti provare a rallentare i ritmi e trovare una “valvola di sfogo” che ti permetta di gestire meglio lo stress: che so, per me la cura migliore è andare a correre al parco, ma potrebbe essere dipingere o ballare o cantare, o qualunque cosa ti impegni e ti faccia piacere fare e soprattutto che ti permetta di staccare un pò da tutto quello che ti viene chiesto di fare!
    Lo so le persone forti le danno tutti per scontate, ci si appggiano tutti ma nessuno si accorge di quando hai bisogno tu, succede esattamente la stessa cosa anche a me, per cui ho imparato a dire qualche no, con gentilezza e fermezza. All’inizio è dura, ti sembra di fare un torto alla persona con cui parli ma poi ti rendi conto che fa una grande differenza per te, alla fine se tu non stai bene fai stare male anche tutti quelli che ti stanno intorno e questo non è giusto, non ti pare?
    Fatti coraggio tesoro, baci!

  5. Hi Denise! First of all – sorry for my absence on your blog, my dear friend. I noticed that you haven’t felt good recently and in my opinion this is due to of that too many horrible things has happend in your life for last year, especially passing away of your beloved was the hardest one (I totally understand you because my Mom passed away few years ago and I still do not reconcile with my loss). But my dear friend, you have to remember that you’re surrounded by a lot of friends, who will not forget about you. What’s more, nobody is Superwoman, so if you feel that you need some time only for yourself, just take a break and enjoy that time. What about your post, I really like your ideas for delicious food, btw these potato cakes looks really familiar to Polish’s ones, which I usually eat with sour cream and sugar 😀
    Hope that shine will shine bright on your sky ASAP, my dear friend :)

    Have a lovely evening dear,

  6. I do hope you’re on holiday now and having a smashing time.

    I agree…when you start not feeling like yourself anymore it’s time to take a look at things you can change and taking a holiday is often a great solution.

    This year as my husband is living in Honk Kong for work I made sure I planned a week getaway every month so I’d have something to look forward to so I could see my way through our long cold winter. Oddly enough our winter hasn’t been very cold at all this year but I’m still grateful that a change of scenery and the restful break a getaway provides for my brain.

    I hope you come back refreshed!


  7. Denise,
    A perfect post, personal, interesting, and insightful. Wise even. Great job. Love the outfit you are wearing, the sweater, and bag, and for hair is so pretty braided.
    I am sorry for all that you are going through, it is so much loss, and so much paperwork! Yes, you need a long vacation! I also lost my parents and my half brother, in the last six years, and it was hard, so I feel for you.
    Learn to delegate if you can, and take good care of yourself!
    xx, Elle

  8. What a great post, Denise. Holidays are necessary and can help with one’s well-being. Well, I just need a holiday to relax and completely unplug. No real break until May for me but I think we may do a weekend trip soon in the countryside. Your food sounds interesting and delicious. Yesterday I made beet and rocket salad for lunch. Wishing you a wonderful new week. <3

  9. Seems like you could use a vacation! I think that taking a vacation can be a great way to relax a bit, and perhaps a good way to start feeling like our old selves again. Why? Because the change our routine and location can lift our mood and energy levels. Moreover, when we physically distance ourselves from our daily life, we can observe it in a new light. Sometimes this can help shed new light on situation and it can help us figure out what is troubling us. However, sometimes vacation can be beneficial in terms of resting, getting enough sleep etc. When we feel tired and irritated, when we feel emotionally drained, sometimes all we need is a bit of rest. Naturally, vacation doesn’t solve everything but it helps with a burnout and sometimes it can be just what doctor ordered.

    To me it seems like you have a lot to deal it and it is totally normal that this makes you feel stressed. Modern life is getting increasingly stressful and sometimes our brains (and body) just gets overloaded with everything. Also, I must say that often people demand more from us than we are able to give, so make sure you learn how to say no and take care of yourself. You’re a giver (by nature) and unfortunately most people take those who are the most generous people for granted…It is human nature…the more we give, the more they expect and less they are grateful because they consider it -business as usual.

    I have never been on a typical vacation, you know travelling in the typical sense, where you go someplace and stay there…Usually when I have free time, I go to visit family members. but I do stayactions all the time. I take daily excursions and sometimes I indulge in long walks….and that helps.

  10. I’m sorry to hear that your post about “writing short posts” offended people, but that happens sometimes. Tones can misunderstand especially when blogging but don’t your fret my dear, you can’t apologize for people not understand you, as long as you move forward with a good heart, which you totally have, you will be A-ok. I was nowhere near offended by that post. I really liked it. I love writing, but I know everyone doesn’t love reading I usually write 500-600 word posts and slowly cut it down to 150-200 words. It’s difficult, but I write like I talk… a lot. LOL, I love the Prague pics, the quality reminds me of the old fuzzy photos I grew up with. Ohhh you started painting, That’s super relaxing, I want to take a painting and drawing class sometime in the near future. Your three-tiered “almost naked” cake looks scrumptious, great job Denise.

  11. Cara Denise,
    Sei davvero una persona unica. Il tuo blog é un vero manuale di insegnamenti. Riesci sempre ad arrivare nel cuore delle persone.
    So che stai passando un momento triste, ma quelle persone che ti hanno fatto del male non meritano essere considerate. Spero che andrai avanti con il blog sempre.
    Vorrei che il mondo fosse pieno di persone speciali come te.
    Per quanto riguarda il tema di oggi hai detto cose molto sagge. Io mi rendo conto di aver bisogno di una vacanza proprio quando trasforma piccoli problemi in vere preoccupazioni.
    Un bacione
    Maggie Dallospedale Fashion diary – Fashion blog

  12. Liebe Denise, das ist sehr arg, dass es all diese Mißverständnisse gab. Ich weiß, Du bist die liebste und beste und verständnisvollste Person der Welt! Bitte nimm es Dir nicht zu Herzen. Solche Dinge passieren leider. Manchmal fehlt es auch am guten Willen des Gegenübers – vielleicht braucht er auch Urlaub :) Du hast so recht mit dem, was Du schreibst, wann Urlaub angesagt ist, ich bin zu 100 % Deiner Meinung. Daher bitte schaue auf Dich und ich werde beizeiten daran denken, wenn es für mich Zeit ist, Urlaub zu machen. Vielen Dank für diesen wieder sehr berührenden und guten Post und die lustigen Bilder. Ich denke an Dich, durch Dich, wünsche ich mir auch eine bessere Person zu sein <3
    Liebe Grüße, Rena

  13. WELL!!! Count me in the “in desperate need of a holiday” category!! haha! Great post my dear, as always! Hey, I noticed that sometimes you post blog posts and I cannot comment???? Is that something on my end, or do you actually disable comments on some of your posts sometimes?? Let me know, because often I want to say something and can’t! *sobs* Talk soon!!! <3 – http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  14. I can so relate to these, I need a good non working holiday for sure especially with all the emotional stuff going on lately, I really hope you feel better soon cause its not nice feeling that way… Hugs xxx

  15. I am in desperate need of my holiday and the weather to warm up in general! That just makes me so much happier, winter is hard to deal with. There’s something about exploring and being somewhere else, learning and gaining knowledge though, I love that!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  16. I definitely need long holidays and reading your post made me sure about this, I’m travel lover, traveling with my husband is the best thing for me but not only this is the reason, some of these signs fit to me now, especially first three points.
    Your post also made me hungry this irish potato cakes looks extremely appetizing and other dishes too:), I have to try your recipes.

    Have a nice day!:)


  17. Yep… this sounds like me! :/
    I know I’m long overdue a holiday – but I’m hoping to make up for it later on this year and visit my friend in Belgium! I haven’t been abroad since 2012 so I hope I get to go somewhere soon!


  18. I’m so sorry for your loss, I so feel you with inheritance, lawyers, and selling places. Fortunately, I have my sister left, so she helps me deal with stuff. And my fiancé of course <3 But just remember that you're not alone!
    Great blog post, I think everyone needs so days off sometimes. I hope you get your holidays soon. I saw that you make quite a lot of Irish food, do you have Irish relatives?

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  19. Denise, after reading this post, I have started craving for holidays…..even I would now like to go on a vacation for one month. But this busy work life + blogging life is playing havoc..hahah! Can’t take a day off from my office… ! And how gorgeous are these photos, I love that Irish potato and three tiered cake. and ur ‘Prague’ photos are too cool….;) by the way what are you looking at? Great post sweetheart…!!
    Kisses and Hugs,
    Neha, http://www.theinstylejournal.com/

  20. I can relate to two of these points. I have moments in the afternoon when I start day dreaming and I;m not really completely into the work I’m doing. I know it is not enough to say I need a holiday but I wouldn’t mind one lol :P.
    You’re such a chef Denise. Everything on the pictures look so delicious and is so well presented. I think it is great you are slowly adding more healthy options to your meals. The more healthy meals you have the less space you’d have for the non so healthy ones. It is a slow be very steady process.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend dear :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

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