10 Reasons to visit San Sebastian

10 Reasons to visit San Sebastian or Donostia – even more reasons, but 10 are fine now :) I was there last March and felt super happy! This is my 200th post – perfect to remember such happiness!

I loved San Sebastian even when raining! Here, going to the Aquarium

I loved San Sebastian even when raining! Here, going to the Aquarium

Staying for some weeks in San Sebastian was a ride back to my childhood. Now my favorite places in the world are Wales, specifically Tenby, and the Basque Country (France and Spain) – I had one of the happiest times in my whole life, there. Without a pink coat – I bought another there :) Nostalgia raises self-esteem and optimism, says a studyWhich place brings you happy memories?

This is so worth! I forgot the name, but it' at the end of the famous La Zurriola bridge!

This bakery is so worth! I forgot the name, but it’s at the end of the famous La Zurriola bridge!

# 1) Food – I’m not a foodie, rather a fussy eater. And food there was incredible, able to please fussy eaters! I eat Basque food since childhood every week (and Italian, too), but the Michelin-starred restaurants there really impressed me! The famous La Bretxa market is great for food shopping!

I chose for pintxos bar-hopping, superb wines and fine dishes, among others, these ones now:

Le Bar Basque and La Tireuse – Biarritz, France
* Casa El Ajero and El Italiano– Santander
* Bergara and Senra – San Sebastian
Bergara Bar San Sebastian and the delicious pintxos

Bergara Bar San Sebastian and the delicious pintxos – I don’t really fancy wine, but even that I liked there!

# 2) European Capital of Culture 2016 – but every year there are amazing festivals, when Hollywood stars visit the city. Plan your visit: Jazzaldia (July) – the name speaks for itself, a jazz festival, partly on the beach! :)  Zinemaldia (September) – San Sebastian International Film Festival and Gastronomika (October) – Food festival, it must be great!
Hotel Maria Cristina, where the stars stay

Hotel Maria Cristina, where movie stars stay

# 3) Aquarium – one of the highlights of my life! I looove water – being there was so nice! One of the best oceanariums in Europe and the first natural science museum in Spain. A picture I really expected to be the best was blur, but still, one can see it’s me. I plan to go back there one day, anyway!
Aquarium in San Sebastian selfie
Aquarium tunnel in San Sebastian
# 4) Basque art, history and culture – one of the least understood and mysterious histories ever, therefore so rich and intriguing… go to the San Telmo Museum to learn more – it’s really amazing!
San Telmo Museum

San Telmo Museum

# 5) Nature – amazing views wherever you look at – for ex., the river Urumea runs out into the Cantabrian Sea, on the Bay of Biscay. The mountains, the spectacular views even on the road, really beautiful. Plus, you get a 6 km (3 miles) car free promenadePaseo Nuevo – to walk and enjoy!
Paseo Nuevo

Paseo Nuevo

# 6) Urban beaches – Here you can find the 2nd best urban beach in the world, La Concha. There is Zurriola and Ondarreta, too. Good for bathers and surfers!
 La Zurrriola San Sebastian
# 7) Old Town – Getting lost is half the fun! You will walk through the old streets and see fine architecture: buildings, shops and churches.
 Old Town in San Sebastian
# 8) Shopping – San Sebastian has a great mix of boho and elegant shops. I have some favorite stores there by now :) I loved shopping there! Talk about someone who is eager to go back… :)
Big regret! I didn't buy these earrings!

Big regret! I didn’t buy these earrings!

# 9) LanguageEuskara is the name of the language, with variations, depending on the place. It’s a language of prehistoric origin that has no connection to any other in the world and it’s the most ancient one in Europe. Impressive!
All in 2 languages, just like Wales and Ireland

All in 2 languages, just like Wales and Ireland, for example

# 10) The Basque People – very polite, helpful, sweet and warm. Maybe it helped that part of my family comes from the region and I’m seen as “local”, but they’re genuinely nice. They taught me many things in every city, shared personal stories, a lady came to talk to me out of the blue, and a senior couple, plus a bar owner invited for drinks, sharing family stories. I felt like going back “home”, like when one looks for something all the time and finally… finds it. No wonder I’m so nostalgic!

 Aquarium San Sebastian


Positive thought

Paris from above

Paris from above

And since the Basque Country is partly in Spain, what about the King and Queen of Spain looking at me? An old bad quality photo, but we were 2 meters apart and I kept it (although I have others)! The next stop was Paris and the Netherlands again, but that’s another chapter :)

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain

Wishing you a great week with smiles! Thanks for the lovely comments!

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62 thoughts on “10 Reasons to visit San Sebastian

  1. Oh, liebe Denise, das ist ja genial, dass Du das spanische Königspaar dort getroffen hast! Danke, dass Du das hier zeigst und San Sebastian muss wirklich einfach nur wunderbar sein! Deine Outfits sind das ebenfalls, Du bist auch auf Reisen immer sehr sehr schick. Ich habe bisher noch nie überlegt, mal nach San Sebastian zu reisen … dank Dir weiß ich nun, dass es sogar mehr als eine Reise wert ist :) Danke und noch eine schöne Woche! Alles Liebe von Rena

    • Liebe Rena, danke fuer deine immer suesse Worte! Aber nein, ich habe das Koenigspaar nicht in San Sebastian getroffen! Das war in einer anderen Statdt, und zwar, in 2005 :) Deswegen die schlchte Fotoqualitaet! Aber was du gesagt hast, ja, die Stadt ist total wert, wirklich super! Liebe Gruesse, suesse Rena!

      • Oh, liebe Denise, danke für Deinen Hinweis! Dann warst Du auch beim Treffen mit dem Königspaar Deiner Zeit voraus <3 Ich wünsche Dir von Herzen ein wunderbares und glückliches Pfingstwochenende! Alles Liebe von Rena

  2. I hadn’t actually heard of this area before so thank you for introducing it to us. t looks perfect with so much to do and I am a foodie so I’m sure I would be indulging at all those lovely restaurants. I love water too but I don’t get to spend enough time near it unfortunately. I can’t believe you were so close to the king and queen of Spain – that is definitely a memory to cherish and nice experience to remember on your 200th post. Happy 200th post!

  3. Ommmg Denise. You are so lucky to be able to travel places. This place seems amazing. It is nice to see that you have enjoyed there and took lots of great pictures. The food is just too awesome omg. It makes me want to go there now 😛 But really it seems like a really good place although I haven’t hear of it before. So thanks to you I discover that x) It is such a great post Denise. By the way, you look lovely as always 😀

  4. Super happy congratulations on your 200th post, dear Denise. What an exciting, wonderful milestone. Your passion for life, fashion, and numerous other areas shine through on your site and are a joy to experience through the lens of your world.

    Here’s to many, many more awesome posts and blogging milestones to come!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Just seeing these wonderful photos would be enough reason to want to visit San Sebastian but it was great reading those 10 reasons because I’ve learned a few things I didn’t know before! San Sebastina looks like an amazing place to visit. I think I’ve heard about that aquarium but I wasn’t sure where exactly in Spain it is located. I know that my brother visited it as a part of his High School trip so I remember seeing photos of it (or was that some other aquarium in Spain? I will have to check it out).

    I didn’t know that you were originally from Basque region. No wonder you enjoyed your stay, it must be lovely to connect to your roots being surrounded by all that history and tradition. It is splendid that people and families were happy to connect with you! I do like this post a lot. You look adorable in these two combos. Lovely denim jacket and I also like the grey coat you wore in other outfit. You’ve picked nice outfits to explore city in….and you have such a winning smile!

    • Dear Ivana, thank you so much for your always sweet comment! Not only from the Basque country (including France), part of my family is, and the other side from Italy and England. I do feel at home in these places :) I would love to know which aquarium your brother visited, if this one in San Sebastian or another – cause I simply looove the sea and aquariums! Thank you so much for your compliment about the smile :) You are always so sweet!

  6. Which place brings me nostalgia? Many. I have so many special memories from all over the world, my biggest regret is that there is not enough time in my life to revisit them all and see everything I still want to see.

    • Thank you so much for a lovely comment! It’s true… you are so right. I suffered irreversible losses 5 years ago, and since then I started trying to go and see as much as possible, cause you are right – there’s not enough time to see all :( But at least we try :) Thank you again and I hope you have a nice weekend!

  7. I don’t think I’m much of a foodie either, but I just love photo’s of beautiful cases filled with delightful treats (oh, maybe I am just a little bit of a foodie 😉

    What a beautiful area .. a place I think my husband would love, he is due a sea side vacation. He is a Pisces and loves the water. I’m more of a forest gal :-)


  8. Ciao cara Denise!
    Da come lo descrivi e dalle belle foto in cui sei tutta contenta si capisce che sei proprio affezionata a questa città! Io non l’ho mai visitata, ma mi hai fatto venir voglia di vederla! 😀
    Hai ragione quando dici che alcuni posti rimagono speciali per ciascuno di noi, i miei, a parte Roma che è la mia città, sono: Corfù (Grecia), Chamonix e la Provenza (Francia), ho dei ricordi bellissimi legati a quei luoghi!
    Però è anche vero che bisogna cercare di vederne il più possibile per costruire tanti altri bei ricordi, no?
    Sei deliziosa in queste foto, hai un sorriso luminoso! 😀

  9. Hello Denise! I’m amazed by this great city in Spain, it’s always fun to learn something about places, which in your opinion are worth to see (because you have visited so many destinations so far, you’re an expert, when it comes to choosing the best cities). From your destription, I really like that San Sebastian is located nearby sea and it has a lot of interesting spots, like this aquarium, it looks really impressive. What’s more, I enjoyed that fact about language, good to know that! And you look like always, so adorable and pretty, Denise and you have beautiful smile, my dear :)


    • Dear Kezzie, directly from my bed, with a bad cold :) I didn’t know that you loved talking about food – then I honestly, really honestly recommend the Basque Country for you! Oh my word, all the bakeries there had sweets from my childhood, I simply love them – I bet you will, too! Hugs, dear Kezzie, thank you for the sweet comment!

  10. I googled San Sebastian after reading your post and it looks really beautiful and totally worth discovering. it was very interesting to read about your favourite things there and let me tell you that every food photo you shared made me hungry, haha. I just really love the food part when it comes to travelling! the food has been wonderful in every single country we’ve been to :) when it comes to your question – almost all the places we’ve been to bring back happy memories. other countries and also beautiful places in Estonia create positive emotions and I miss all those places. I’m already planning a trip to the Finnish zoo because I was a little girl when I last went there and my husband hasn’t visited it at all. too bad our next vacation is so far from us!
    anyway, I’m glad to be back in the blogging world and I hope my schedule will be better than it was after my previous post from April. at least I’m going to try to make it better :) enjoy your Friday and weekend, Denise!

  11. I love that you travel and enjoy yourself in every place Denise. We recently had friends visiting from Basque Country, and I was inspired so I picked up a couple books, one with inspiring recipes from there. Happy 200th posting, it’s been a pleasure to read your posts,and looking forward to more. Thanks for sharing. xo/Madison
    Best Tasty Books

  12. San Sebastian looks amazing! I love visiting places full of culture, and I really like the look of Old Town as well. Looks like it’s definitely worth a visit. Wonderful photos, thank you for sharing!


  13. You really do travel a lot, Denise, good on you! And wow, I can’t believe you were that close to the King and Queen of Spain, how cool is that? Shame you didn’t pick up those earrings, they look so unique and just beautiful.

  14. It looks amazing there! The beaches, the sea life, the food… Although I’m a fussy eater too and tend to only like plain things that are simple. Wales is one of my favourite places to be too! I’ve not actually been to Tenby but I have been to Cardiff and other places, which I love! I want to go to the Brecken Beacons too! If I spelled that right, ha ha!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  15. Hi Denise, you are always showing us beautiful places to know. Unfortunately I don’t know yet San Sebastian but, with this 10 reasons that you showed, I can’t ignore it for much time. I don’t know where I’ll find money to do it but…
    The photo seven in the old town looks like Recife, the city where I live. If you saw some photos here you’ll agree with me. And you are a very , very lucky girl. You have already gone to the palace with the Queen Elizabeth, you have been with the King and the Queen of Spain and I don’t dobt that you have already been with God and the apostles some day. kkkkkkkkk
    I like you so much… I hope you have a nice weekend.

  16. Wow! Such a wonderful place. I love your 200th post! <3 I was actually planning my first solo trip abroad and I thought of you the other week. I know that you've been to a lot of places and you're really well traveled that's why I wanted to get some tips and advise from you. I haven't had a chance to send you a message on Facebook because I got caught up with work as usual. I always enjoy reading your posts because I know that someday I could use it as a future reference when I travel. <3

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